Customizing employee name tags for your team is easy with these helpful hints.

LoneStar Badge & Sign makes ordering employee name tags a breeze.

Making sure your employees have name tags is one of the first steps to a smooth and successful work experience. Not only will your team members have an easier time getting to know each other, but they’ll be better able to connect with clients, present a united front, and portray cohesive branding to everyone who enters your business.

Creating custom employee name tags for your employees is relatively easy when you work with a team of pros like LoneStar Badge & Sign, but you may be missing a few crucial steps you didn’t even know were possible when ordering name tags

Let’s take a look at our six best tips for ordering name tags for your employees. These tips will help you take full advantage of all the distinct possibilities that employee name tags — and working with LoneStar — have to offer:

  1. Decide how many you’ll need to order
  2. Don’t be afraid to get creative
  3. Show off your branding
  4. Use LoneStar’s online design studio
  5. Utilize our outstanding customer support
  6. Request a corporate ordering portal

Creating incredible employee name tags for your team is easy with these simple tips, and you’re sure to be happy with the results.

Decide how many you’ll need to order

No one wants to order too many or too few of a product, as you could accidentally overspend or run low on crucial supplies. Make sure you have as accurate a count as possible when it comes to employee name tags needed, and add a few more to your total in case of losses or new hires.

Don’t be afraid to get creative

Name tags are more than just a place to list your employee’s name and credentials. You can include your company’s logo and mission statement, or even your employee’s picture and a fun fact about them to help make customers feel even more connected during an interaction. Read even more fun and surprising features to add to your custom name tags.

Additionally, the quality of your name tag designs can speak positively to customers of your company’s eye for detail.

Show off your branding

Make sure that your employees’ name tags are clearly branded with your company’s name, at least, if not your logo, color scheme, or mission statement.

Name tags are an easy way to express brand image to anyone who interacts with your employees, and it will make staff feel more like a team when they proudly sport the company’s branding.

Use LoneStar’s online design studio

LoneStar makes it easy to design your name tags online so that you can create your perfect product from anywhere. Our design platform is user-friendly, so there’s no graphic design experience needed! If you need a little extra help, our team is always available and can assist in creating a fantastic design for your company.

Utilize our outstanding customer support

Have questions about LoneStar employee name tags or other products? Our world-class customer support team is here to provide answers and recommendations whenever you might need them.

Request a corporate ordering portal

LoneStar provides our clients with more than just an easy and convenient way to design your own name tags and other custom products online. We also make it simple to track your order, reorder past purchases, and do much more with our corporate ordering portals. Just request one with your purchase, and we’ll ensure you’re set up!

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