Our modern and stylish trimless channel letters offer a sleek and contemporary design with either face lit or reverse halo lit LED illumination.  The trimless design provides a seamless and clean look that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of any building.  The face lit option creates a bold and vibrant display, while the reverse halo lit option adds a touch of elegance and sophistication.  These channel letters are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install with studs or a raceway, making them a cost-effective signage solution for businesses looking to make a lasting impression on customers.  The illuminated letters ensure high visibility both during the day and night, effectively drawing attention to your brand or message.  Our trimless illuminated channel letters combine style, functionality, and longevity to provide customers with a high-quality signage solution that stands out in any environment.



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Illuminate your brand with our captivating face lit channel letters. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these letters are designed to make a lasting impression. The acrylic faces, available in any color of your choice, offer a sleek and modern look that will elevate the aesthetic appeal of your establishment. The metal returns, standing at 3 inches deep, give depth and dimension to the signage while ensuring durability for long-lasting visibility both day and night. Perfect for showcasing your logo or business name in the most popular style of channel letters, these trimless options provide a clean and sophisticated finish that will draw eyes towards your business like never before.

Our trimless channel letters combine seamless design with vibrant colors to create a striking visual impact. The absence of visible edges gives these letters a polished look that seamlessly blends into any architecture or décor. With customizable acrylic faces allowing you to choose from an array of colors, you can match your branding perfectly for cohesive signage that demands attention. The metal returns add sturdiness and structure to the sign, ensuring longevity even in harsh weather conditions. Achieve maximum visibility and brand recognition with this sleek and modern interpretation of the classic channel letter style.

Channel Letter STyles


Non-illuminated channel letters are constructed out of aluminum faces and returns (sides) and are simply metal letters that are painted in your choice of color.  They can be mounted flush using studs or a raceway, or projection mounted using studs.  They’re the most cost-effective and easy to install option if you’re looking to make your brand stand out on your building.


Face lit are likely the most popular type of channel letters.  They’re made with aluminum returns, typically 3″ deep depending on the letter size, and have an acrylic face where the LED lighting will shine through.  The acrylic can be colored any way you’d like to best represent your brand.


Reverse lit letters, also referred to as “halo” lit, are a modern way to display your company name or logo.  They’re constructed using a metal face and returns, but have a clear acrylic back so the light can be seen shining from behind each letter.  The backing can also be colored so the light shines in your brand color.  These letters are best mounted with studs and some projection away from the wall so there’s plenty of illumination behind each letter.


Side lit channel letters offer another very modern and cool way to display your company name and logo.  They’re made from aluminum faces and backers, but the sides are molded from clear acrylic which allows the LED lighting to illuminate from the returns of the letters and give a unique look like no other.


Our LED lighting styles can be combined so that your channel letter sign can be completely customized and truly one of a kind.  Choose face and reverse halo lit all in one so the illumination will pour out from both the fronts and backs of each letter.  Or let us know your custom combination desires and we’ll see if we can make them a reality!



Each channel letter will be mounted to the building or wall individually with threaded metal studs.  The studs can vary in length depending on the wall type and thickness, and can allow letters to sit flush to the wall or applied with spacers to be projected away from the wall.  Projection is needed when choosing the reverse “halo” lit letters so there’s adequate space behind each letter for the illumination.


A raceway is a hollow metal beam that each individual channel letter can be attached to prior to mounting on the wall or building.  Mounting your channel letters on the raceway allows you to have less points that need to be anchored to your building.  It also allows you to conceal electrical wires from the LED lights and all your power supplies inside, therefore making installation on site a little easier.  Raceways are often painted in a similar color to the wall being mounted on so they’re slightly less noticeable.

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