Personalized Name Badges and Name Tags for Your Brand

When you consider starting your business, you’re likely not thinking about the smaller details. After all, why would something as small as personalized name tags be so important to your organization? You might be surprised at how substantial they truly are within your business! Whether you’re a large corporation, a small business owner, a healthcare facility, an educational organization, or otherwise, LoneStar Badge and Sign has what you are looking for in personalized and custom name tags.


Our full-color plastic badges are the perfect way to make a lasting impression! With our detailed printing, your name will pop in vivid hues that catch everyone’s eye. Whether you’re attending a conference, hosting an event, or simply want to stand out at work or as a volunteer, these versatile tags come in many sizes to suit your needs. From small and sleek for a discreet look to large and bold for maximum impact – the choice is yours!

These plastic name tags not only offer eye-catching appeal but are also affordable. We believe that being professional doesn’t have to mean being costly! Crafted from durable materials, they are built to withstand everyday wear and tear. Plus, with easy-to-use clips, reels, or lanyards, you can effortlessly wear them all day without any hassle.

So why settle for plain when you can go bold? Our plastic name tags provide an affordable yet classy solution that will never go unnoticed. 

Looking to make a bold statement? Our metal name tags are the answer. With their sleek silver, gold, or white finishes and full-color printing, these name tags are sure to captivate attention.

Not only do our metal name badges exude an air of executive professionalism, but they also offer versatility when it comes to sizes, backing options, and fasteners.

Elegant yet functional, our classic metal name tags truly elevate any professional setting. Whether you’re attending a conference or representing your business at a formal event, these high-quality badges will enhance your overall image and help establish credibility among peers and clients.  Invest in metal name tags for your employees or executives and let them showcase your unique brand identity with sophistication and style. 

Photo ID Badges

With our photo ID badges prominently displayed using a badge reel or lanyard, it becomes effortless for staff, students, professors, and administrators to recognize authorized people from visitors at a glance.  Minimize confusion in your school or hospital and promote a safe environment with our vibrant, easily customizable ID badges.

Engraved Name Badges

Crafted from high-quality 2-ply acrylic, our engraved name badges are built to withstand daily wear and tear.  Rest assured that this traditional badge option will maintain its professional appearance for years to come, ensuring a timeless, affordable, and reliable option for identification for a huge variety of companies, professionals, or volunteers.

Heavy Duty Name Badges

Our thickest badge style yet with beautiful full-color printing and your choice of a glossy or matte finish.

One Color Plastic Badges

Budget-friendly plastic PVC badges with a choice of one print color including metallic foil in silver and gold.

UV Printed Name Badges

Durable acrylic badges with full-color UV print on one or both sides. Great for events. Oversized options are available.

Reverse UV Printed Clear Name Badges

Badges printed on the reverse side of clear acrylic for a modern and scratch-resistant full-color design.

Additional Badges and Supplies

Reusable Badges

Economical window badges and label badges that can be reused over and over for employees, volunteers, and conference attendees.

Badge Accessories

Lanyards, retractable badge reels, magnetic fasteners, and more. Everything you need to accessorize your custom name tags.

Personalized Name Badges – Your Unassuming Brand Ambassadors

Regardless of the type of business you run—a healthcare facility, educational institution, or corporate body— personalized name badges serve as vital drivers of communication and branding. At LoneStar Badge and Sign, we provide not just custom name badges, but also a wide array of personalization services that cater to your industry’s specific needs.

How Do Custom Name Badges Benefit Your Business?

  • Driving Personal Interactions: Creating a personal connection with everyone who walks through your door is crucial. Personalized name badges help facilitate these interactions without the stress of remembering numerous names. Being addressed by name is one of the warmest greetings a person can receive—be it an employee or a customer.
  • Boosting Company Image: Believe it or not, name badges do more than helping to identify employees. They subtly communicate your brand’s image and professionalism to any observer. This simple act, especially in a setting like a trade show, can have a long-lasting impression, forever associating your brand with a sense of professionalism and approachability.
  • Fostering Security: Particularly in environments like schools, hospitals, or large corporate buildings, personalized name badges play a crucial role in security. Identifying those who belong eases the recognition of unauthorized individuals. Our customized healthcare name badges, university name tags, and school name tags are perfect examples. 
Gold Metal Name Badges

Custom Name Badge Ordering

Custom name badge ordering has never been so easy!  Especially reordering previous designs.  To get started, let us design for you, feel free to use our design studio to customize your badge from scratch, or choose from one of our many pre-made design templates.  Once your design is finalized, we’ll save it in your account so you can reorder it anytime by simply entering your new name names, titles, and photos.  Whether you’re placing a reorder or a new order, you’ll be able to see your design preview before placing your order.

And unlock even more personalization to fit your company’s unique ordering needs with a customized ordering portal.

The Importance of Custom Name Tags

Creating a personal connection with everyone who walks through your door is of utmost importance. Addressing someone by name is the first step in establishing that connection. With our custom name tags, you don’t have to worry about memorizing everyone’s name, especially in a large company. It enables you to be more personable and relatable without the stress of trying to remember numerous names.

Name tags serve various purposes beyond personalization. They are essential for safety in many industries, including schools and educational institutions. Personalized name tags, such as school badges for students or reusable visitor passes, help faculty identify authorized individuals and maintain a secure environment. Additionally, personalized name tags provide a sense of belonging. They serve as an official sign that you are an employee, a student, a consultant, or an integral part of the company, giving you the reassurance that you belong.

What We Offer

At LoneStar Badge and Sign, we provide an extensive selection of options to cater to your preferences. Whether you’re looking for professional custom engraved badges or easily customizable printed inserts for plastic badges, we have you covered. Our range includes acrylic name badges, custom-engraved badges, and more. If none of our pre-made options suit your requirements, our custom ordering process allows you to create badges tailored to your specifications. With our state-of-the-art digital cutter, we can cut various materials like wood, vinyl, foam, aluminum, and more. The only limit is your creativity!

Ordering With Us

From personalized name tags to custom event badge printing services, LoneStar Badge and Sign is committed to helping you find the best solution for your company. Our corporate services also include designing personalized name plates, badge accessories, reusable badges, and customizable signages. We strive to make the ordering process as easy as possible for anyone, ensuring you get exactly what you need for your business. Whether you’re ordering name badges for your managerial staff or reusable visitor passes for your educational institution, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us today to request a quote for our services or to receive a sample of our products. We are dedicated to serving your needs and providing high-quality solutions that exceed your expectations. Choose LoneStar Badge and Sign for all your custom name tag requirements.