We’re always looking to grow the close-knit LoneStar Badge and Sign Team!  Learn more about the experience we look for from our team below and apply today.

Who Is LoneStar?

  • A drama-free, accepting place to work
  • A team that treats others fairly and with kindness
  • A solid, mature crew of employees, the majority of who have worked here for a decade or longer
  • Considerate of your family and other responsibilities outside of work
  • A safe place where all hard-working people are welcome
  • A close-knit team with happy hearts!

Who Do We Work With?

  • College students (we can work around most schedules)
  • People caring for others (children, family members, or others)
  • Detail-orientated people
  • People who are self-motivated to learn, understand, and do better
  • People who are easy-going, yet able to work in a fast paced production environment
  • Career-minded, mature folks with a strong work ethic

What Do We Look For?

  • Consistency and the ability to work the hours you’re scheduled within an 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday workweek
  • Willingness to work an occasional evening or weekend (although this is rare)
  • Solid work history
  • Basic phone and writing skills
  • Someone versatile and eager to learn new skills in any department
  • A kind person who is drama-free and treats others with respect
  • Some experience is helpful, but not required.  We’re happy to train anyone who’s willing to learn!

Pay Ranges

  • No specialty experience, but eager and self-motivated to learn?  Need a part-time schedule that can fit around your other commitments?
    • Pay usually starts at $10 per hour, with increases for experience and longer hours during certain seasons.
  • Have experience and can start working full time without much training?
    • Pay range is based on experience (typically between $11-$15 per hour)
  • Have experience, knowledge, understanding, heart, and the ability to lead a department?
    • Pay range is based on experience (typically between $15-$20 per hour)

Production/Operator Positions

Typical duties in our production department will include (but not limited to) producing, checking quality and accuracy, packaging, and shipping our products to our customers.  Excellent attention to detail, organization, and time management skills are preferred, as well as basic computer skills.  If you have experience with any of the areas listed below, please be sure to note that in your application.

  • Machines:  Laser engravers (Epilog, Kern), digital cutting (Zund), UV printing (Mimaki), sublimation, digital printing
  • Programs:  Windows, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Rasterlink, Xenetech
  • General skills and/or bonus skills:  Quality assurance, packaging and shipping, inventory control, ADA signage and Braille manufacturing, custom signage fabrication, signage installation, painting, vinyl/vehicle wrapping, bidding and government job experience

Customer Service Positions

Typical duties in our customer service department will include (but not limited to) assisting customers to place orders, capturing payments, creating reorder design templates, responding to general order and product inquiries, and light (re)marketing.  In addition to excellent attention to detail, organization, and time management skills, here is what we look for:

  • Friendly phone voice and excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Customer-first mentality
  • Experience with B2B e-commerce sales and B2B customer service via phones, email, and live chat
  • Experience with Gmail and other Google based office products
  • Willingness to cross-train in production or other departments
  • Bonus for experience with:  Adobe Acrobat, QuickBooks, CorelDraw, government sales and bidding

Interested in a career with us?

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