A professional space can effectively project its identity through the details it features, and custom name plates serve as one of the crucial details.  Whether you’re accentuating the individuality of your employees or asserting the ambiance of your office’s professionalism, custom name plates from LoneStar Badge and Sign offer a unique blend of elegance and practicality.

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Certain items can make your job feel just a little more official.  Some people love having a personalized custom name tag as their symbol, some love being able to change their email signature, and others enjoy changing their status on LinkedIn.  For others, however, receiving custom name plates for their doors or desks really seals the deal.  Having custom name plates, including custom name plates for desks, to denote a specific staff member’s space, whether that be an office, a desk, or a cubicle, can help give your employees a sense of belonging.  This is their space where they can make their own, decorate how they want, and give it their own personality.  Being able to provide them with custom name plates is a gesture from the company, letting each employee know that they’re here to stay.

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The Significance of Custom Name Plates

Just as name badges are an excellent way to identify employees, customized name plates are a great way to identify employees’ spaces.  Name plates can make a great addition to your desk, office door, or wall. Custom engrave your name and title or choose one of our full-color printed designs.  Slide-in wall-mounted metal name plate holders and desk holders are available, along with cubicle mounting pins and wooden desk wedge blocks, to give your employees versatility when mounting. Custom design your personalized name plaque today using our designer studio and pre-made templates, or contact us for tips or assistance with the design process.

Regardless of your workspace—cubicles, shared desks, or individual offices—receiving custom name plates feels like an official acknowledgement. It’s not just about marking your own space; it’s the company’s assurance telling you ‘you belong here.’ This sense of belonging motivates employees to personalize their spaces, ultimately engaging them with their professional environment.

With LoneStar’s custom name plates, let your employees know that their presence is valuable.  We’re here and happy to assist at any time!

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Engraved Name Plates

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Traditional, two-toned, elegant, cost-effective, versatile

Metal Name Plates

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Professional, long-lasting print, sophisticated, ideal for formal workplaces

Full Color Acrylic Name Plates

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Vibrant UV print, modern yet fun and playful, chic, lightweight

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Metal slide-in holders, cubicle pins, metal corridor brackets

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Metal slide-in desk holders, wooden wedge holders

Choose LoneStar for Your Custom Name Plates

LoneStar Badge and Sign acknowledges the immense impact of simple gestures like having custom name plates. It’s about creating a comfortable work environment where morale is always high which is beneficial for both the employees and the business.

We understand that your professional space has individuality like no other. That is why we provide corporate services that offer a wide array of options to choose from when you’re considering purchasing custom name plates. We believe having all the choices you can imagine at your fingertips is imperative because who knows your company better than you?

We offer an amazing custom acrylic name plate option that you can customize to your heart’s content. The acrylic name plate is lightweight, durable, and perfect for any professional setting. If you’re interested in something a bit more elegant, then our custom metal name plates are what you should be on the lookout for. These plates come in gold, silver, or white and can be engraved with nearly any name, image, or title.

Finally, our custom engraved name plates, including name plates for desks, are basic plastic plates that can pack a punch. While they may not be as colorful as other options we offer, they’re still a fantastic value for any desk or office mount and make for an incredible gift.

The Stress-Free Experience with LoneStar

With over 40 years of service in delivering high-quality products with top-notch customer service, LoneStar Badge and Sign ensures a seamless user experience. We understand that making large corporate orders can be stressful, so we aim to simplify the process for our clients.

You can choose from our wide variety of pre-designed options or exercise your creativity with our designer studio to create your ideal custom name plates.

Whether you need basic plastic engraved name plates, custom wooden designs, or custom name plates for desks, we at LoneStar are prepared to serve all your needs. Reach out to us today to request a quote or a sample of our products. Let’s redefine your professional spaces together.

plates or are looking for high-quality name badges, our suite of offerings awaits your exploration. Connect with us today for a quote, a sample, or even a consultation; our dedicated team is always ready to serve you. Embark on this exciting journey with us, and together, let’s make your professional spaces speak volumes about your brand.