About Us

Why choose LoneStar Badge and Sign?  Learn more about us, our team, and our capabilities.

Here at LoneStar Badge and Sign, strive to provide you with the highest quality products and services.  With our 40 years of experience, we understand that every customer’s needs are unique.  That’s why we take great pride in listening to each individual story and working with you directly to create a product that reflects your values and personality.  We take our integrity seriously, which means we always honor our commitments and provide honest service.

Who We Are:

LoneStar Badge and Sign has been making name badges, name tags, graphic printing, ADA signs, interior architectural signage, name plates, industrial markings, machine tags, and other manufactured identification products for over 40 years.  Our top-notch customer service is friendly, experienced, and based in the US.  We’re available by phone/text, email, and live chat, even outside of normal business hours.  Anytime you contact us, you’ll work directly with our team which has over 100 years of combined experience.


Our Commitment:

We’ve been in business for 40 years and have a mature staff who are very experienced in the badge and sign industry.  We love to be the quiet vendor who works in the background and never bothers you, but your satisfaction is our top priority and we’d love the opportunity to show that we’re more than just another name badge vendor.  We want to be your trusted partner in all your printing and manufacturing product needs.


Our Manufacturing Capabilities:

Laser Engraving:  We can cut and etch (also known as rastering and vectoring) most any materials.  We have lasers up to 250 watts and have oxygen, nitrogen, and air assist capabilities.  We can laser out one single item up to 5’ x 5’ in size.

UV Flatbed Printing:  Our flatbed printers are able to print up to 4’ x 8’ items in any color.  We can print on composite material, acrylic, metal, and almost any other material.

UV Roll Printing:  Our 6’ wide UV roll printer can print almost any kind of decal, floor graphic, wall graphic, and many other roll format substrates.

Digital Cutting:  Our state-of-the-art Zund digital cutter will cut almost anything up to 1” thick (depending on the material type).  We can cut full sheets of material and substrates up to 5’ x 10’ in overall size.  This includes custom-shaped graphics made from materials like composite metal, acrylic, aluminum, and many more.

Sublimation:  We use high-quality, high-detail sublimation printers to create name badges, name plates, and signs on metal and FRP materials.


Our Ordering Processes:

Our ordering process is efficient and we specialize in building custom ordering portals to help streamline even the most challenging ordering processes. We’re confident that our state-of-the-art systems allow your team to place orders quickly and easily. We have the name badge and sign business down to a science; we efficiently process most orders in 24 hours.  Additionally, we’re centrally located in Texas which means we can deliver your orders coast to coast efficiently. Every time an order is placed with us, we’ll send an order confirmation email, along with shipment and delivery notifications. 


We specialize in custom-made manufacturing and distributing to every state and even around the globe. Our high-speed state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities are second to none. Our online ordering system can be custom designed and handle the most difficult of ordering situations in an efficient manner.