Our Capabilities

Don’t let your custom printing, cutting, and engraving needs go unanswered.  Our capabilities, including UV printing and digital cutting, make us the perfect partner for all of your business’s unique badge and sign needs.

Unlock the potential of our expansive custom manufacturing capabilities today.  We possess the necessary fabrication, engraving, digital cutting, and UV printing machines for any job – all delivered to you in a timely fashion.  Let us help you to create something truly unique now!

Our Manufacturing Capabilities:

Laser Engraving:  We can cut and etch (also known as rastering and vectoring) most any materials.  We have lasers up to 250 watts and have oxygen, nitrogen, and air assist capabilities.  We can laser out one single item up to 5’ x 5’ in size.

UV Flatbed Printing:  Our flatbed printers use UV cured CMYK inks and are able to print up to 4’ x 8’ items in any colors, including Pantone color matches.

UV Roll Printing:  Our 6’ wide UV roll printer can print almost any kind of decal, floor graphic, wall graphic, and many other roll format substrates.

Digital Cutting:  Our state-of-the-art Zund digital cutter will cut almost anything up to 1” thick (depending on the material type).  We can cut full sheets of material and substrates up to 5’ x 10’ in overall size.  This includes custom-shaped graphics made from materials like composite metal, acrylic, aluminum, and many more.

Sublimation:  We use high-quality, high-detail sublimation printers and heat presses to create name badges, name plates, and signs on metal and FRP materials.  Sublimation creates a long-lasting and vibrantly colored print that is transfered directly onto the material’s surface.

Digital Printing:  We use high-quality industrial digital dye-sublimation printers to create full color photo ID badge cards and other name badges.

Braille:  We use our specialty Braille tools to apply Grade II Braille beads to acrylic (ADA material) signs.  Our Braille beads are available in clear (to match your sign background), white, black, or silver.


Materials We Can Work With:

Laser Engraving:  Engravable plastics and acrylics, thin metals (thicknesses vary with metal type).

UV Flatbed Printing:  We can print on many UV receptive materials up to 2″ thick including aluminum composite metal (ACM), acrylic, vinyl, Styrene, Gatorfoam, Coroplast, and wood (MDO).

UV Roll Printing:  Materials up to 6’ wide in a roll format and up to 1.0mm thickness including vinyl and paper.

Digital Cutting:  The material thickness we can cut varies on the individual substrate, but we have the ability to laser cut, knife cut, and/or route ACM, acrylic, vinyl, Styrene, Gatorfoam, Coroplast, and MDO.  Please contact us for any other materials (such as rubber, leather, etc.), as we most likely will be able to cut it as well!

Sublimation:  We typically use sublimatable aluminum up to 0.080″ thickness and FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic) up to 1/16″ thickness, however we can likely sublimate other thicknesses of materials if needed.  Contact us with your specific needs and we’ll see what we can do!

Digital Printing:  The typical ID card thickness we use is 40 mil, but we also have 30 mil cards available and have the ability to print up to 50 mil thickness cards.