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The numbers you supply here will be the colors that we compare from your printed product to the swatches in the Pantone matching book.  We will make any adjustments necessary to the production file in order to achieve a close match to the Pantone swatch before we print your entire order.  The PMS color codes should similar to these:  PMS 123C or PMS 285U.  If you have questions about PMS matching, please contact us.

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What is Pantone (PMS) color matching and why should we use it? 

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color system shared world wide by those in the graphic printing industry.  It's more robost than other color systems such as CMYK or RGB.  It's often thought that providing CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) is good enough to achieve a specific color match on a printed product, however, that unfortunately doesn't typically work.  A variety of material and machine types are used for printing and each absorb and deposit inks in different ways.  The suggested ink percentages to achieve a certain color will need to be adjusted in the artwork file accordingly based on the substrate being printed on, the color of the substrate, the sheen of the substrate, and the particular printer.  Therefore, if you have a very specific set of colors used in your brand, it's recommended that you supply your PMS colors in order to achieve the most accurate match.

For us, the process of Pantone matching is pretty labor intensive.  Due to all the variables of each job (such as the substrate, background color, etc.), we charge a $50.00 fee for each set of colors you need matched to the Pantone swatch book.  This fee is only applied to your initial order.  Once the color is correctly matched, we can proceed with printing your entire order and then will save your color settings in your print-ready production file so they'll automatically print correctly when you reorder.

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