From QR Codes to themes, make your name tags your own with these fun options.


You can add social media handles, QR codes, and more to your custom name tags.Are you looking for name tags or badges that stand out in a crowd of event attendees or uniquely represent each of your employees? Custom name tags are the way to go, and there are some great ways you can take your standard event or employee name tags and elevate them into something fun and exciting!


If you aren’t sure what type of flair you can add to your custom name tags, here are some unique ideas to get you started:

  1. QR codes
  2. Social media handles
  3. Seasonal or themed designs
  4. Employee quotes or trivia


Any of these attributes can easily be added to custom name tags to help your employees and event attendees stand out from one another.


Read on to learn more about how to incorporate these ideas into custom name tags for your team!


QR codes

For business owners and managers who value efficiency, QR codes can be an interesting option for your custom name tags. They allow your customers to scan the codes with their phones, which then takes them to a website where they can make a transaction or learn more about your business.


QR codes are also an excellent option for events and trade shows, as they can be used to connect attendees with vendors, track continuing education credits earned from attending sessions, pull up information about the convention center, and more. If you can put it online, you can put it on your custom name tags with a QR code!


Social media handles

If you work in an industry where employees use social media for business purposes, you can put their social media handles on their name tags to give them another way to connect with clients. (Just make sure they’re comfortable with it and check out their page before you do this!)


You can also add your company’s social handles to your custom name tags to encourage customers to follow your corporate accounts for news and updates.


If you’re creating custom name tags for a trade show or event, including attendees’ personal or business social media handles or giving them a place to write them makes it easy to encourage networking!


Seasonal or themed designs

If you want to keep your custom name tags fresh, you should consider printing seasonal or themed designs that complement your business. This is a fun way to promote special times of year, such as holidays or major sales. Employees will love the customization of their name tags, and it may even put them in the mood to sell more seasonally-themed goods!


Employees quotes or trivia

Forge a connection between your employees and your customers by allowing them to get to know each other on a deeper level. Even if they don’t remember your employee’s name, they are apt to remember this fun, standout detail!


Custom name tags can feature fun elements, including employees’:

  • Hometown
  • Favorite quote
  • Fun or industry-specific facts –The name of their pet for a vet’s office, favorite book for a library, favorite flavor of ice cream for an ice cream parlor, favorite movie for a movie theater, etc.


Work with your team and get creative with the information you put on your custom name tags, and they’ll definitely stand out to customers and conference attendees!


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