Did you know that the average university has more than 6,000 students? It also has dozens of different professors and other staff members. They’re in charge of providing these students with the ultimate college experience.

Since there are so many people walking around on the average college campus, it can be difficult for students, professors, and other staff members to keep track of all the people they meet. It’s why your university should consider using custom name tags to your advantage. Your university will be able to benefit from customized name tags in so many ways.

In this article, we’re going to break down why your educational institution should customize a university name tag and give it out to everyone on your campus. From student name tags to professor name tags to university badges for others who work on your campus, you should invest in as many educational name badges as you can.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can utilize custom name tags at your university.

Allow Students to Easily Identify Themselves

As we alluded to earlier, most universities have thousands of college students walking around on their campuses. It can make it challenging for these students to stand out in the crowd and make a name for themselves. Custom name tags will give them the opportunity to do it.

As long as students have student name tags either on their clothing or on a lanyard string, it’ll make it easy for them to identify themselves as necessary. It’ll also put students in a position where they can identify other students simply by sneaking a quick peek at their student name tags.

If you don’t use university badges for any other reason, you should use them for this one. It’s going to be tricky for your university to keep tabs on students if you don’t provide them with custom name tags. You should give them these name tags from the second they start walking around on campus.

Give Students a Chance to Properly Identify Professors and Staff

The students at your university shouldn’t be the only ones wearing customized name tags. You should also look into creating professor name tags for all the professors on your college campus to wear.

When your professors put teacher name tags on, it’ll make it easier for your students to properly identify professors. They’ll know exactly who they are when they’re walking around on your campus so that they can stop and ask them any questions they might have.

Outside of proving teacher name tags to professors, you should also outfit other staff members with university badges. Both your students and your professors will be able to get to know every staff member on your campus better when they have a university name tag on.

Ensure Students Know How to Address Professors

Each of the professors that works on your college campus will likely have a preference as far as how they would like to be addressed by students. Some, for example, will have their doctorate degrees and will want students to use “Dr.” in front of their last names. They will have earned this right.

When you create custom name tags for your professors, it’ll give them the opportunity to let students know how they wish to be addressed. It’ll be easy for them to point to their customized name tags when students don’t address them in the right way in an effort to correct them.

You may even want to offer some professors the option to go with special custom metal badges if they would like to draw extra attention to their names. It’ll be a nice option for them to have if they would like their professor name tags to stand apart.

Keep Students Safer on Campus

Sadly, shootings on college campuses have become all too common over the course of the last decade. It can sometimes feel like there is another campus shooting taking place every other week during the school year.

Your university should take all kinds of steps to keep your students safe when they’re on your campus. You should work as hard as you can to beef up security so that you hopefully don’t have to worry about a campus shooting happening at your university.

Believe it or not, doing something as simple as handing out custom name tags to the students at your university can work wonders for your college campus security. It’ll help to keep those who don’t attend your university off your campus on a regular basis. It’ll also stop them from being able to access areas that will only be open to your students.

Help Campus Police Identify Students, Professors, and Staff

Studies have shown that almost all colleges and universities have their own campus police forces. These police forces are in place to try to stop trouble from taking place on campuses.

At times, campus police may need to be able to identify students, professors, and staff members for one reason or another. Custom name tags will let the police forces on college campuses to do this quickly.

The students, professors, and staff on your college campus will appreciate having a name badge that they’ll be able to show to campus police when they’re asked for it. It’ll be a lot easier than trying to prove who they are and why they’re on campus in other ways.

Let Students Access Certain Areas on Campus

There are certain places on your college campus that only students will be able to access. Some good examples of this are your dining hall, your library, and many of your dormitories. You want students to be able to get into these places with ease when they need to do it.

Providing them with student name tags will let them gain access to these areas on campus without encountering any issues. All they’ll need to do is pull out their custom name tags and show them to whoever is at the front door of, say, the dining hall. They’ll be able to walk right in after that.

If you don’t have a system like this set up, you’ll run the risk of almost anyone being able to walk into the buildings on your campus. This could turn into a security issue. Student name tags will help separate the students who belong on your campus from visitors who shouldn’t be able to walk into whichever buildings they want.

Enable Professors to Access Certain Areas on Campus

The students on your college campus won’t be the only ones who will need to gain access to certain areas on campus. There will also likely be areas that are designated specifically for professors.

More often than not, colleges will provide professors with offices that students won’t be able to access all the time. There might also be private lounges for professors on your college campus so that they have somewhere to relax during their downtime.

Custom name badges can be used to provide professors with access to these areas when they want to enter them. Their teacher name tags will be all they’ll need to get permission to be in these places.

Create a Stronger Sense of Community on a College Campus

In theory, it seems as though it should be easy for a university to create a strong sense of community on a college campus. But when there are thousands of students, professors, and staff members walking around, it can be hard to make everyone feel like they’re all part of the same community.

Creating student name tags, teacher name tags, and other educational name badges should be enough to get the job done. You’ll enable those on your college campus to get more familiar with one another when you make everyone put on a university name tag.

Your custom name tags might motivate students who wouldn’t otherwise talk to one another to strike up a conversation. They might also encourage students to communicate with professors that they haven’t ever had for classes.

It won’t be long before your college campus begins to look and feel more like a community than it did before. And it’ll be all thanks to the university badges you decided to hand out.

Make Students, Professors, and Staff Take More Pride in a University

There are some big-name colleges and universities out there that don’t need any help in the school spirit department. The students and professors at schools like Syracuse University, UCLA, and the University of Florida take tons of pride in their respective schools.

If the students, professors, and staff at your university already have a lot of pride in your school, you might not need to use custom name tags for this reason. But if you’ve noticed that the school spirit at your university is lacking, giving everyone a university name tag to wear might help change this fast.

Everyone on your college campus will automatically feel a little more pride when they put on educational name badges. They’ll know that they’re representing your university when they do this, and it’ll make their pride swell.

It’ll be almost like when your students, professors, and staff put on hats, T-shirts, hoodies, and other apparel with your university’s name on them. It’ll give them more school spirit and make this school spirit contagious at the same time.

Market a University to Those Outside of a College Campus

Some of your students, professors, and staff members will remove their custom name badges once they step off campus. They might do this in an attempt to make sure they don’t lose them.

But some of them might also get into the habit of leaving them on. They’ll walk through the supermarket, the mall, and other places in the vicinity of your university with customized name tags on.

You might not initially think this will be all that big of a deal. But the reality is that this could turn your custom name tags into great marketing tools. They’ll help spread the word about your university when your students, professors, and staff members are out in the world.

There could very well be high school students who will see your current students wearing a custom name badge and want to learn more about your university because of it. There could also be parents of high school students who will cross paths with your professors and be impressed enough with them to want to push their kids to attend your university.

Your university is probably already doing all types of things to try and market your school to those in your community. But your student, professor, and employee name tags could put your marketing efforts over the top.

This will be one more way in which investing in custom name tags will pay off for your university. It’ll drive up interest in your university and make it look like a great option for others. It’ll make you wonder why you didn’t decide to join all the other universities who have already ordered custom name tags sooner.

Order Custom Name Tags for Your University Now

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