If you want to get your business’s name out there, you must have a good marketing strategy. If customers do not know that your business exists, then there’s no chance for you to generate any business! Having visibility at events like trade shows is vital to your company’s growth. 

A great way to achieve this visibility is by using signs and personalized name tags at events with similar businesses. Having an eye-catching sign with a cool design or a catchy slogan is a great way for attendees to see your business and remember it for the future. 

Examples of Sign and Tag Usage in Other Areas

You might not realize it, but all types of fields use custom signs and graphics to gain attention. For example, during election season, you’d be hard-pressed to find a yard that didn’t have some sort of campaign sign in the front yard. Often these signs are uniquely decorated with a custom slogan, making it so that you will remember the candidate’s name when you go to the polls. 

If you think about it, political candidates also use other kinds of advertisements like personalized name tags. Volunteers, voting advocates, and more will often use custom name tags or custom engraved badges with different phrases to appeal to the masses. These phrases can say simple things like the volunteer’s name and the political slogan, phrasing encouraging discussion, and more. 

Political candidates are great at having voters remember their names because otherwise, they’d never have a chance at being elected to office. It’s vital for their success to put themselves out there in a way that everyone will remember. Why can’t you use the same kind of strategy for your business? Trade shows and business events are like rallies for politicians, so why not take the plunge and try it for yourself?

Using Custom Signs as Attention-Grabbers

Have you ever been to a trade show or event and you were immediately drawn in by the visuals of a particular company? The visual could be anything – the custom signs and graphics, the personalized name tags from the representatives, or even how the display is set up itself. You were so entranced by the setup that you needed to go and check it out for yourself. 

If this has ever happened to you, then that business used custom signs and personalized name tags in precisely the right way. Whether you’re going over to see their signs and visuals more closely or are genuinely intrigued about the product or service they’re offering, they caught your attention enough to get you to walk over and see what’s happening. 

As you approach, you’re not only able to see a better picture of all the custom signs, custom name badges, and other personal touches, but you’re able to see more of the product, service, or whatever else that the company may be selling. It might not have gotten your attention if they didn’t cover the booth or stall with custom signs. You might have passed the booth right by without ever knowing what it was selling or why it was there. 

Plus, having recruiters, workers, or salespeople with eye-catching custom name badges can help potential customers or clients remember the names of the people they interact with. Creating a personal connection with the business means that the potential new client or customer is more likely to purchase your product or service. 

Name Tags Add Personability

There’s a reason that many client or customer-facing workers wear name tags. Being able to address someone by their name adds a sense of familiarity to the interaction, even if it is just a business interaction. This is why your server at a restaurant will almost always give you their name, why fast food workers or retail workers wear name tags, and more. 

Having well-made and unique custom name tags to highlight everyone’s name adds a sense of community to the business. As a customer, if you’re able to address everyone by name, it gives a more personable feel and familiarity to the business. You feel more like a part of a community than a customer, even though you know you’re there for business. 

In addition, you can see a bit of how a company treats its employees through some of the items they’re given. If each employee has nicely printed, unique custom engraved badges, you know that they care about each employee individually.

Ease of Use

Adding custom signs and personalized name tags to your marketing materials is easy. Within your business, unless you’re just starting, you likely already have a logo, a color scheme, and other ideas for branding. All you need to do is find a company willing to work with you to help you create these signs and name tags, and you can start using them immediately when you receive them. 

Using signs for marketing is easy. For example, you can place these brightly colored signs in your store or business’s front area, along fences, and more. If you’re a local business, you could use part of your marketing budget to pay for sponsorships for a sports team and use the sign along the fence of the baseball field, football field, and more. The possibilities are endless if you’re creative about it!

LoneStar Badge and Sign

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