Industries We Serve

At LoneStar Badge and Sign, we work with a variety of industries to streamline their name badge and other identification ordering processes.  See the ways we can help your particular industry.


Name badges and signs for the healthcare industry are of utmost importance. Not only is identification crucial in medical settings, but it also provides additional security and saves precious time. LoneStar Badge and Sign works with healthcare institutions of all sizes to ensure their needs are met, the ordering process goes smoothly, and they save time and headaches.

If your business is in healthcare, we can help. We provide name badges and accessories, name plates, business cards, and signs for all types of healthcare facilities, from hospitals and private practices to dental offices, rehabilitation facilities. Additionally, we can work with sports medicine practices, physical therapy clinics, veterinary offices and hospitals, and nurse staffing companies on whatever products they require.


Name tags and signs for finance and banking organizations may not seem like a crucial detail, but they’re essential for identification and proper presentation.

Whether your organization is a small credit union or a large financial corporation, employees need to be easily identifiable and look professional at the same time. Our name plates, business cards, name tags, and signs for finance and banking provide an excellent balance between functionality and visual appeal.

We work with banks, credit unions, wealth advisors, loan companies, and title companies to create high-quality, professional-looking identification that serves a purpose.


Every school takes pride in its identity, and we’re happy to help bring that to the forefront with our products and services including photo ID badges, temporary expiring guest passes, Braille classroom signs, business cards, lanyards, name plates, and more.

We have experience working with universities, K-12 schools, trade schools, learning centers, campus bookstores, and more! No matter your badge and sign needs, LoneStar can make it happen for your faculty, staff, students, and guests.


One setting where organization and logistics are essential is a conference or trade show. These events see individuals coming from many locations to one place for a common purpose. Everyone needs to know where to go, what to do, and who is who!

LoneStar Badge & Sign can create customizable name badges, event badges, lanyards, and signs for conferences and trade shows, whether you’re planning an event with 50 attendees or 5,000. We’ll work with you to relieve your headaches and ensure all your name tag and sign needs are taken care of!


LoneStar Badge & Sign welcomes clients from a wide variety of industries. We work with customers who need name badges, name tags, and signs and more for their particular organization. Our flexibility with ordering and production allows us to adapt our services to anyone looking for customized and personalized products.

We can support industries including churches and other religious institutions, fitness centers, convention centers, hotels, and more. Even if your industry isn’t one we’ve served in the past, we’d be happy to discuss your needs and see how we can help!