Our branding products for schools and educational institutions help make staff’s lives easier.


LoneStar can provide custom branding products for schools and educational institutions through custom ordering portals.LoneStar Badge & Sign wants to help your educational institution run smoothly, and that starts with providing high-quality custom products. We carry all of the badge and sign options you need to make the workday easier.


However, we also understand that schools, universities, and other educational institutions may need some support beyond just ordering products. That’s why we pride ourselves on how we work with educational institutions at every turn.


A few of the things we do to go above and beyond for educational institutions include:

  1. Providing outstanding customer support
  2. Stocking our online store with all of the custom products your team needs
  3. Offering a selection of visitor badges to meet your requirements
  4. Creating custom ordering portals to help meet your ordering needs


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Providing outstanding customer support

When you want to place an order for signs and badges, you may run into a few questions or issues along the way. LoneStar Badge & Sign is committed to guiding you through the process to get the products you need for your school. Whether you are looking for custom room signs, visitor badges, or ID badges for students, we are ready and willing to provide prompt service.


Stocking our online store with custom products

When it comes to custom products, it isn’t just about quality — LoneStar helps schools by giving them one place for all of the badges, signs, and branded products they need to run their organization.


The custom products we can create for your organization include:

  • Name badges
  • Lanyards
  • Vinyl decals
  • Desk or office name plates
  • Indoor and outdoor signs
  • And more! If you don’t see it on our site, just ask — we can still make it happen!


We also know time is of the essence when it comes to getting the essential items your employees and students need. With LoneStar, we’ll work hard to get your products to you quickly and keep you updated about your order every step of the way.


Offering a selection of visitor badges

Visitor badges are a vital part of keeping your school safe. You need a way to identify your guests, and LoneStar can help with just that. We supply temporary visitor badges as well as advanced options like expiring visitor badges. These change color after a few hours to let your visitor know it is time to return to the front office and signal to employees that the visitor needs to be on their way out.


Prioritize safety for your students and staff. Our products make managing visitors a simpler process.


Creating custom ordering portals

No matter what size order you need to place, LoneStar Badge & Sign has user-friendly, online ordering portals to make large or more complex orders a cinch. We have state-of-the-art technology that allows you to fully customize your ordering portal for different locations, different permission levels for the staff who will be placing orders, and even allowing students to purchase their own ID badges for delivery right to their homes or dorms. No matter what unique ordering or delivery challenges your educational institution is facing, LoneStar can help!


Our customer service team is also available to assist you with placing an order if you need any help navigating the process.


Custom products with excellent customer service and easy ordering can make your job at any educational institution that much easier. Keep things running smoothly day after day by ensuring you have everything you need when it comes to signage and name badges.


Visit our online store today or contact us with any questions about how we can help your educational organization!