Set your students and staff up for success with these custom products.

These branding products for schools and educational institutions are great for every type of school, from pre-schools to universities.Every school and educational institution can use branding products in one form or another. Personalized products allow schools to show pride and establish an identity, not to mention ensure everyone in the building is easily identifiable for security purposes.

From name badges and name plates to signs and lanyards, branding products are more than just merchandise.

Here are the top branding products for schools and educational institutions:

  1. Name badges for students and staff
  2. Name plates for staff
  3. Temporary and expiring name badges
  4. Custom lanyards
  5. Lanyard accessories
  6. Indoor signage
  7. Outdoor signage

Any of these products can be personalized to fit your school’s particular requirements and style. Let’s dive in and learn more about these products, all of which are available in the LoneStar Badge & Sign online store!

Name badges for students and staff

Name badges are common for teachers and staff members, and they’re becoming common for students as well. Name badges are helpful to identify people quickly and keep the facility secure.

Just because name badges serve a specific, functional purpose doesn’t mean they have to be plain! Consider customizing name badges with the school colors, mascot, photos, or a fun graphic. When the products look cool, your staff and students will be more likely to wear them.

Name plates for staff

Name plates are an effective way to identify staff workplaces. Name plates come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be printed with names, titles, graphics, and more.

These products are helpful when it comes to labeling offices and workstations, allowing students, visitors, and other staff members to quickly find who they need to talk to. Not to mention they can give your facility a cohesive, more professional look!

Temporary and expiring name badges

It’s essential to keep your school secure and keep tabs on visitors at all times. Temporary visitor badges can help do just that, giving you an easy way to identify parents and other guests.

You can even take it a step further with expiring visitor badges and tokens, which turn a different color after a few hours to signify that the guest’s visit time is up.

Custom lanyards

Lanyards are one of the most customizable branding products around. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and can be printed with virtually any school print or logo.

Lanyards are a great way for staff and students to keep track of their ID badges or keys — a huge plus if you work with younger students prone to misplacing things! They’re also incredibly durable, so your staff and students can use them for years to come.

Lanyard accessories

You can improve the functionality of a lanyard with the right accessories. From quick releases to length adjusters, well-designed accessories will encourage your staff and students to use their branded lanyards.

If your lanyards are intended to hold a name badge, you will need different accessories than if they are only meant to hold keys. Don’t place your order for lanyards without considering the appropriate accessories or talking to our expert team about your needs!

Indoor signage

Sometimes there’s no way around it: schools can be hard to navigate. With long hallways and identical classroom doors, it can be easy for new students, staff, and visitors to get lost. Indoor signage is a helpful way to ensure those in the facility know where to go!

Why have run-of-the-mill room numbers and maps when you can customize indoor signage with your school colors, logo, and mascot?

Outdoor Signage

Outdoor signs that feature things like building names and maps not only help guide people around your building or campus, but they can add character and a polished, updated look to an educational facility.

These signs are highly customizable and can deliver any message, whether it’s a permanent sign with your school’s name or a yard sign announcing an upcoming event.

Branding products for schools and educational institutions don’t have to be boring! There are endless options for bright colors and creative designs that can add fun and interest to the products while still being functional for your students, staff, faculty, and visitors.

Shop for branding products for schools and educational institutions in our LoneStar Badge & Sign online store!