These features keep your orders secure and give you peace of mind.


The security features in our corporate ordering portals ensure the right people at your organization are ordering the right products.At LoneStar Badge & Sign, we are eager to help your business or organization get set up with a custom corporate ordering portal that makes ordering custom products a breeze.


Best of all, getting started is easy! After submitting an RFP to our team, we will contact you to discuss your organization’s ongoing needs. We will also discuss what you want your customized portal to look like, and then we’ll take it from there. We can even replicate other ordering portals your company used in the past to encourage a seamless transition when ordering with LoneStar Badge & Sign.


Security is one of the most common concerns when discussing custom ordering portals. Clients want to know that an ordering portal can’t be misused, accessed by someone who shouldn’t, accidentally used to order too many items, or otherwise exploited.


At LoneStar Badge & Sign, we take your security very seriously. That’s why we’ve engineered our corporate ordering portals to have crucial security features, such as:

  1. Admin roles
  2. Permission levels
  3. Regional product availability


Keep reading to learn more about these unique security features and what they mean for your business.


Admin roles

Once your custom corporate ordering platform is up and running, you will be an administrator of the site. This gives you access to all of the account information and ordering history. It also gives you the power to decide who has access to various levels of the website by assigning roles to employees.


You also have the ability to upload custom designs and determine what products are displayed for employees to choose from and purchase.

Additionally, as an admin, you have the option to require your approval before any orders go through. This ensures nothing is ordered without your knowledge and is especially useful if company money is being used.


Permission levels

Permission levels dictate what parts of the site an individual has access to. You can assign different permission levels for different types of employees.


For example, you can give regional managers or supervisors access to more products or the ability to place bulk orders for their location. In contrast, there’s no need for a lower-level employee or student to access reporting tools or bulk ordering capabilities — they’ll only be able to log in and purchase the products you specify.


Regional product availability

The products and supplies displayed when a user logs in can be adjusted depending on where they log in from. For example, if your badges are customized based on location, you don’t want someone in a Tennessee branch accidentally ordering a badge meant for employees at the Georgia office.


This feature is especially important if you’re in healthcare or another heavily regulated field where the information included on your identification badges or other products is required by law. In your portal, you can specify each product’s requirements based on where the employee ordering that product is located.


Regional product availability gives you a higher degree of control and further simplifies the ordering process for employees at every level.


You don’t need nationwide locations to benefit from our custom corporate ordering portal. Businesses of every size can benefit from a user-friendly, centralized platform to help employees and managers order exactly what they need. Think of our corporate ordering portals as your own custom version of the LoneStar site, ready for whatever products your organization needs!


Contact us today with any questions or to get started building your corporate ordering portal!