Learn why name badges are a smart move for your team.


The reasons to use employee name badges include building your brand and improving customer service.Are you on the fence about whether your workplace could benefit from having employees wear name badges? There are many reasons to use employee name badges, including increased security and better customer service, to name a few.


Investing in quality name badges for each employee is a smart move, and here’s why.


If you’re thinking about implementing a name badge policy, these reasons can help you decide if it’s the right move for your business.


Improved security

If you work in a large office with several departments, you might not know everyone at a glance. This is particularly true if you recently hired new people and want to make them feel more welcome.


Name badges or tags make it easy to identify workers quickly and determine whether they belong in the building or in a specific area. This improved security could be essential if you work with sensitive documents, or work in a healthcare facility or school.


Improved customer service

Has this ever happened to you? You just walked into a new business and were greeted by an employee. You’d love to tell someone how pleasant an interaction you had with her, but you’re not sure of her name.


This problem is eliminated when you have staff members wear name tags — visitors and customers will immediately know who they are and that they officially work for your company.


Whether a customer’s interaction was positive or negative, a name badge allows them to give feedback on your experience. Employees who are more aware of that fact are likely to provide better customer service to every client they come in contact with.


Brand recognition

You should be reinforcing your company’s branding every chance you get, and name badges that feature elements of your branding can help do just that!


Consider including these items on your name badges:


  • Logo
  • Brand colors
  • Slogan or motto
  • Company vision


Another thing to remember is that employees sometimes leave work with their name badges still affixed to their shirts. If they stop to run errands with their name badge on, your brand receives free advertising. Make sure those name badges look nice!


Improved teamwork

You want everyone in your office to work together to achieve a common goal that improves the business. When employees feel disconnected from the team, achieving this goal can be much more difficult.


Name badges are a small symbol that your employees are all part of the same team. If they wear them daily, it improves team morale and communication among workers.


Studies have shown that knowing someone’s name improves communication. This should be reason enough to consider name badges for internal use.


Make your name badges work for you

At LoneStar Badge & Sign, we believe in making quality name badges that improve the morale of your team, customer service, and security.


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