Show New Hires They Matter to Your Organization with These Welcome Ideas
Use these creative ways to welcome new employees to introduce new hires to your organization.

Going through the hiring process is a significant commitment for both the employer and the new employee. It involves a lot of time, energy, and patience as a company determines who will be the best fit for their available position. But the hiring process doesn’t end when the contract gets signed — it’s just the beginning!

Walking into a new setting on your first day at a new job can feel intimidating and uncomfortable. Thankfully, there are some simple things an employer can do to help alleviate these feelings for their new employee and make them feel at home in their new workspace.

Here are four creative ways to welcome new employees and ease their nerves on day one:

  1. Provide proper introductions
  2. Tour the building together
  3. Create a well-stocked workspace
  4. Include personalized supplies

Each of these creative ways to welcome new employees below is quick and simple but can make all the difference in retention and employee satisfaction.

Provide proper introductions

New employees are curious about the team they’ll be spending their time with, and current employees are interested in the latest recruit. Rather than leaving everyone guessing, introduce the new person to the individuals they’ll be working closely with on the first day.

Doing so alleviates assumptions or judgments in both directions and puts everyone’s mind at rest. Consider organizing an informal lunch or continental breakfast with everyone to create a relaxed setting to chit-chat and naturally get to know each other.

Tour the building together

Whenever you’re in a new environment, everything feels foreign. Simple tasks like finding the bathroom or the exit can suddenly feel overwhelming. Take some time to give your recruit a proper tour of your facilities and show them everything they need to know.

If you have a map or layout of the place, it’s a good idea to give the new employee a copy if they’d like to refer back to it later. Remember, this person is getting a lot of new information at once. What seems straightforward to you might be challenging to learn for them.

If you have a group of new hires coming on board at one time, you can even make this tour fun by creating a scavenger hunt out of it or pointing out exciting or unique aspects of your building new hires otherwise might not know about.

Create a well-stocked workspace

After meeting many new people and touring a new setting, your employee will be happy to see they have a space to call their own. Ensure their workspace has everything they need to feel welcomed and be productive, plus a custom name tag or badge if your organization requires it. Add a personalized nameplate to truly make their office feel like their own and help facilitate introductions for new coworkers who stop by.

Not only will they feel appreciated and valued on the first day, but they’ll also feel motivated to get to work! Want to take it a step further? Add some decorations to their cubicle or office to show how excited you are for them to join your team!

Include personalized supplies

Of all the creative ways to welcome new employees, this one’s our favorite. Everyone loves having their own office supplies, so why not take it to the next level and provide your new hire with some personalized items! With a customized lanyard or badge reel to go with their name badge, plus a few other small welcome gifts, they’ll feel like a true part of the team right away. You can even include your company’s brand or logo on these supplies so that your new employee can show off who they’re working for now.

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