Make sure your event goes smoothly with these custom products.

Promotional products like well-designed name badges and badge accessories are essential for a great trade show.

If you are planning an upcoming trade show, it is essential to have the right products lined up to give your event a cohesive look, and ensure attendees have a great time.

Professionally branded products guarantee that your event is memorable and inspires attendees to come back, which is exactly what you want from a marketing and brand awareness perspective.

If you want your trade show to go off without a hitch, you need eye-catching gear that prominently shows your logo and name. Here are four of the best promotional products to use in planning your next trade show:

  1. Event name badges
  2. Name badges accessories
  3. Booth banners and decals
  4. Signs

Let’s learn more about these great promotional products for trade shows!

Event name badges

Event name badges are used to highlight the name of your event and of course, the attendees’ names! They can also include your logo and any other information you’d like to highlight, like the city and dates of the event and any significant sponsorships.

There are many styles of event name badges to choose from, including UV printed badges, photo IDs for vendors, and full-color IDs with information printed on both sides.

These badges are essential to ensuring that your attendees can easily recognize and network with one another at your event.

Name badge accessories

Name badge accessories are a must, so attendees have an easy way to carry and display their badges and personalize them if they want.

Badge holderslanyardsclips, magnets, and fabric neck holders give your trade show attendees a way to display their badge that’s comfortable and helps them keep track of it over the course of the event.

You can also invest in fun badge ribbons that can be customized with text such as years of service, whether it’s an attendee’s first time at your show, special employee training programs or certifications, or funny sayings or titles. They are available in multiple colors and foil printing in either a horizontal or vertical style and are easily attached to an event name badge via an adhesive sticker.

Booth banners and decals

If you’re a vendor at a trade show or an organizer setting up information booths within the exhibit hall, designing a booth that stands out is a must. You want attendees to recognize your brand and immediately understand what they can find at your booth. Having a banner will make sure that your company is instantly recognized.

In addition, you can also order vinyl decals with your company’s name, logo, and any additional information that you want to include. These promotional products can be placed on windows, glass, and other flat surfaces for further brand awareness.


Indoor/outdoor metal signs are lightweight but rigid and may be laminated if needed. They are available in multiple color schemes and should not be missed when you’re planning your tradeshow event! From event maps to schedules, you can use these signs for just about anything.

Our signage is made from DIBOND composite material, which features strong aluminum outer panels that hold a solid plastic core, giving the product extra strength without too much weight.

The direct UV printing can be applied to both metal panels so that you can include the design on both sides, which is excellent if you intend to hang your sign so it can be seen from both angles. The signs can also be laminated to improve the sign’s longevity (excellent if you intend to use it outdoors or at future events).

Metal signs are available up to a maximum size of 4 x 8 feet, but at LoneStar our team can custom-make yours if you have a specific need!

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