We’re happy to provide personalized products for all industries!


Our name badge and sign store works with businesses across all industries.

When you’re out and about running errands, you’ll find name badges and signs virtually everywhere you turn, from grocery stores and gyms to tattoo shops and churches. In addition to making it easy to identify team members, they give businesses a more professional and personal feel.

At LoneStar Badge & Sign, we love helping businesses and organizations in every industry by providing professional-grade name badges and signs. A few of the everyday businesses we offer personalized products to include:


  1. Fitness centers
  2. Religious organizations
  3. Convention centers
  4. Hotels
  5. Restaurants


Keep reading to learn more about the various industries our name badge and sign store is proud to serve and which of our products we typically recommend for each one.


Fitness centers

If you run a fitness center, whether it’s a franchise or your own local gym, personability is paramount. An easy way to make employees and trainers more approachable is to provide name tags.


Badge reels also allow employees to use their badges to unlock doors, clock in, clock out, or gain access to restricted areas without ever having to completely take off their badges. This is especially useful in fast-paced environments, like fitness centers, where it’s easy to set something down and forget about it.


Religious organizations

Many religious organizations run on a tight budget and rely on single-use products like generic sticker name tags and cardboard signage to save money. But with our name badge and sign store, you can take your organization up a notch without breaking the bank.


In addition to personalized name tags and visitor badges, we offer custom-made indoor and outdoor signage to help draw people in and direct them where they need to go. Vinyl decals can also be used to display your logo, mission statement, service hours, and whatever else you want visitors to know.


Convention centers

Convention centers have lots of moving parts and different teams that must work together to achieve a goal. With new events happening weekly, sometimes even daily, it can be hard to keep the train on the tracks at all times.


But with the help of our name badge and sign store, you can easily order custom-made signs, different name badges for your various teams, handy badge ribbons, and business cards to use as you network to bring in new events.



Our personalized signsname tagsname plates, and vinyl decals make it easy for hotels to provide guests with all of the information they need during their stay. Best of all, our name badge and sign store can ship anywhere in the world, so we can serve hotel chains with locations across the globe.



Whether you run a chain of fast food restaurants or a single fine dining location, you’ll need a lot of the same items, like personalized name tags and industrial tags. If your business experiences high turnover (like seasonal high school workers at a fast food restaurant), our reusable badges are another option to consider. Vinyl decals are another great product that can help with branding and exposure for budding restaurants.


No matter what industry you find yourself in, you can shop our online name badge and sign store for all of the personalized products you need for your business.