Do you feel as though the people who work for your company take enough pride in their jobs? Unfortunately, far too many companies are finding that their employees aren’t filled with as much pride as they might like.

One recent survey found that only about 35% of American workers are fully engaged in their jobs and exhibit high levels of pride at work. If you suspect your employees might fall into this category, you should aim to change that immediately. It’ll have a positive impact on your company culture.

Providing your employees with custom name plates would be an excellent place to start. Your employees will feel a stronger sense of ownership over their workspaces when you set them up with desk name plates, wall name plates, and other types of custom name plates.

These customized name plates will go over so much better than generic name plates will. Discover why below.

What Are Custom Name Plates?

Before we begin talking about the differences that exist between custom name plates and generic name plates, let’s start things off by discussing what these name plates are.

Custom name plates are personalized name plates that can be used to identify those who work within an office space. They’re often made out of materials like metal or acrylic, and you’ll have the power to put almost anything that you want on metal name plates or acrylic name plates.

You can get your hands on freestanding name plates as well as engraved name plates that can be mounted on cubicles, doors, or walls.

What Are the Various Types of Custom Name Plates?

Now that you understand what custom name plates are, there are a few different types of custom name plates you need to know about. You’re welcome to pick out one specific type of customized name plates for your employees or mix and match different styles throughout your office as you see fit.

Here are a few of the types of custom name plates that should be on your radar:

There are also office desk name plates in addition to customized name plates that can be hung up on almost any surface you want.

What’s the Difference Between Custom Name Plates vs. Generic Name Plates?

Even though custom name plates have so much to offer, there are still some companies that’ll choose to go with generic name plates. This is usually because they simply don’t know that customized name plates are an option.

So, what sets custom name plates apart from generic name plates? Well, for starters, customized name plates can come with any number of name plate designs. You’ll be able to pick everything from your name plate colors to the backgrounds on your name plates.

Generic name plates, on the other hand, will be very non-descript and won’t have much personality to them. They aren’t going to do much to make your employees and their workspaces stand out.

Generic name plates will sometimes cost a little less than custom name plates. But they aren’t going to be that much more cost-effective if they’re even cost-effective at all. The cost of customizing name plates has gone down over time, so you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank on them.

Additionally, most customized name plates are higher-quality than their generic counterparts. As a result, they should prove to be more durable and stand the test of time, which you won’t always be able to say about generic name plates.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Name Plates?

The benefits of custom name plates should be pretty clear to you by this point. But just in case you’re still on the fence when it comes to ordering them for your company, here are some of the biggest benefits of custom name plates:

  • They’ll help your employees take more pride in your company
  • They’ll set the right tone for your office space
  • They’ll enable your employees to stand out as individuals in the crowd
  • They’ll make it easy for people to find your employees within your building
  • They’ll be every bit as affordable as most generic name plates

You’ll be blown away by how much better your office space looks when you have engraved name plates, office desk name plates, and other customized name plates scattered throughout it.

How Can Name Plates Be Customized?

Are you just about ready to order a batch of custom name plates for your employees? If you are, you’re going to need to be prepared to customize them.

And just what will you be able to put on them? It’ll depend on which types of custom name plates you go with to some degree. But generally speaking, you should be able to personalize these name plates in almost any way you want.

You can put your employees’ names and job titles on customized name plates in a variety of fonts. You can also work logos and pictures into your custom name plate designs. You’ll even have the opportunity to choose which name plate colors will be used.

You and your employees can allow your imaginations to run wild while designing wall and desk name plates for your office space. It’s just one more thing that you’re going to love about opting to go with custom name plates vs. generic name plates.

Where Should You Buy Custom Name Plates?

The name plate market might not be quite as large as some of the other markets within the business world. But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have any shortage of options with regard to companies that can provide you with custom name plates.

You should consider which company is going to do the best job for you while putting your customized name plates together. You should also consider things like cost while searching for a company to set you up with office desk name plates and more.

But in the end, you’re going to find that a company like LoneStar Badge and Sign will be your best bet. We’ve been providing companies with custom engraved name plates and so much more for over 40 years and can supply your company with what you need.

At LoneStar Badge and Sign, we know that designing customized name plates from scratch can be a tad overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. So we’ll strive to make this process simpler for you by walking you through each step.

From picking out which types of custom name plates you’d like to buy to figuring out which name plates designs will look the nicest to selecting the right name plate colors, we’ll use our expertise and experience to assist you at every turn. Whether you want a dozen customized name plates designed or hundreds of them, we can handle any order that you’d like to throw at us.

How Much Do Custom Name Plates Cost?

One concern you might have about ordering custom name plates for your employees is the cost of them. The good news is that, as we mentioned earlier, these name plates cost less to produce than they used to. It should make it possible for you to find room in the budget for them.

LoneStar Badge and Sign can also work with you to find customized name plates that’ll fit into your preferred price range. The price that you’ll pay for name plates will be based on the materials they’re made out of, the designs on them, and the number of name plates you decide to order at one time.

All you need to do is let us know what your budget will be and we can work on designing you name plates that won’t exceed it. You’ll be so glad that you decided to go with our custom name plates rather than purchasing generic name plates from somewhere else.

You can request a quote fast to get a better idea of how much customized name plates will cost your company.

Contact Us to Order Custom Name Plates for Your Employees

Your employees work hard. So they deserve to take pride in their jobs and their workspaces. You can help them do this by providing them with custom name plates as opposed to boring generic name plates.

LoneStar Badge and Sign is here to assist you with the creation of customized name plates for your employees. You’ll love both the quality of our products and the top-notch customer service that you receive at all times.

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