Is your company looking for ways to make new employees feel right at home from the second they start working for your business? Setting them up with custom name plates that they can put on their desks or doors is an excellent way to do it.

LoneStar Badge and Sign carries a variety of customized name plates that would be perfect for your company’s employees. From custom desk name plates to custom metal name plates that can be hung on office doors, we can provide you with the employee name plates you need. There won’t be any shortage of options when you shop for custom name plates through us.

Our personalized name plates will make your employees feel like a part of your work family from the beginning. Our business name plates can also be used to improve your company culture by leaps and bounds.

Continue reading to learn more about the office name plates that we can supply you with. We’ll also touch on the many benefits of putting these customized name plates to good use.

What Are Custom Name Plates?

The custom name plates that LoneStar Badge and Sign can provide for your company are office name plates that can include everything from the names of your employees and their job titles to the name of your company and its logo.

Our custom desk name plates are designed to be proudly displayed on the desks of your employees. Our other customized name plates, meanwhile, can be hung up on your employees’ office doors or even their office walls.

Custom name plates can, first and foremost, be used as identity tags for your employees. They’ll showcase who a desk or office belongs to and allow your employees to assume ownership over their space within your office building.

But business name plates can also take things a step further than that. They’ll help your employees feel a sense of pride whenever they sit down at their desks or walk into their offices. They’ll also show how much you value your employees and their unique contributions to your company.

What Are the Different Types of Customized Name Plates?

When your company invests in custom name plates from LoneStar Badge and Sign, you’ll be treated to a wide range of options. We can provide your company with many different types of customized name plates.

Here are some of the kinds of custom desk name plates and custom office door name plates that you can order from us:

  • Engraved name plates
  • Metal name plates
  • Acrylic name plates
  • Freestanding acrylic desk plates

You’ll also be able to mount customized name plates in a couple of different ways. We offer both desk holders for our name plates as well as wall and cubicle brackets for them.

How Can Custom Desk Name Plates and Wall Name Plates Be Customized?

Regardless of which type of custom name plates your company decides to order from LoneStar Badge and Sign, you’ll be able to customize them in almost any way you want.

Your company will have the power to decide which color (or colors!) you would like your business name plates to be. You’ll also be able to decide what you would like to put on a custom office name plates for a wall. Some options will include:

  • Company name
  • Employee names
  • Employee titles
  • Company logo

You can even go as far as customizing the background of your custom name plates with any photos or designs you want. You’re welcome to take the lead on designing your customized name plates so that they fit your company’s specific needs when they’re delivered.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Name Plates?

Your company will enjoy a long list of benefits from the moment you start strategically placing custom desk name plates and office name plates throughout your building. Take a look at several of the biggest benefits that’ll come along with investing in custom name plates from LoneStar Badge and Sign:

  • They’ll make it easier for your employees to identify their desks and offices
  • They’ll make it possible for your employees, clients, etc. to find out where other people’s desks and offices are located
  • They’ll enable your employees to take more pride in your company’s office space and the work they do
  • They’ll help give your company’s culture a big boost
  • They’ll give your employees an opportunity to show off their personalities

Both custom metal name plates and custom acrylic name plates will be beneficial for your company. They’ll help tie your company’s office space together and set the right tone for it as soon as you start passing them out to your employees so that they can display them.

Where Should You Purchase Employee Name Plates?

If your company is going to go through the trouble of ordering employee name plates, you want them to be the highest-quality name plates possible. That’s why you should only order them from a trusted company like LoneStar Badge and Sign.

Our company has a large number of different types of custom name plates that you can order. We can help you pick the ones that will work best for your business.

We can also go the extra mile for you by helping you customize the employee name plates you order. We have more than 40 years of experience in this particular space and guarantee that you won’t be able to get the kind of service that we’ll provide anywhere else.

Outside of all this, LoneStar Badge and Sign can provide you with some of the best prices on custom name plates. It’s one more reason why you should trust us to set you up with the office name plates your company needs.

Contact Us to Order Custom Name Plates

If you believe your company could benefit from custom desk name plates or office name plates, LoneStar Badge and Sign is here to help. We will begin by walking you through our options and assisting you in narrowing down your choices.

From there, we can lend a hand when it comes to customizing your employee name plates from start to finish. This will leave you with business name plates that you and your employees will love.

Reach out to us today to start designing custom metal name plates or one of the other types of name plates we have to offer.