We supply in stock and ready to ship lanyards in a variety of colors and widths, and with your choice of many fastener options.  Plain stock lanyards are meant to be available right away and many orders can even ship the same day, making them the perfect option for your employee or student name tags and ID badges.  Get the optimal comfort, styles, and design you’re looking for with our stock lanyards.  Or make your own using our lanyard crimps and crimp machine.  Just provide the material and fastener attachment, and we’ve got the rest!


Plain Cord Lanyards

1/4″ Round Cord Lanyards

L6000 Plain Stock Lanyard

1/2″ Flat Lanyards

L7000 Stock Lanyards

5/8″ Flat Lanyards

L7001 Reel Lanyards

5/8″ Flat Lanyards with Reel


S504 Cord Lanyard Breakaway

Breakaway Quick Release

S405 Silver Lanyard Bead

Length Adjustment Bead

S601 Small Lanyard Crimp

Small Lanyard Crimp

S602 Lanyard Crimps

Large Lanyard Crimp

S802 Lanyard Crimp Machine

Lanyard Crimp Machine

S803 Lanyard Crimp Machine Die

Die for Crimp Machine


Plain stock lanyards that are colorful and ready to ship with your fastener and breakaway preference, as well as custom printed lanyards with your full color or screen printed designs.

In stock Lanyards are pre-made and ready to ship quickly.  We have a variety of widths, colors, and materials to choose from.  We even have earth-friendly options.  There are many fasteners available for each style as well, such as key rings, bulldog clips, and non-metal/plastic fasteners.  Most styles are also available with or without a breakaway quick release.  And while you can’t customize any of these styles with your artwork, we do offer many colors to complement your brand.

We have everything you need to build your own lanyards!  Shop our selection of assembly tools and parts. We have the crimps for securing the ends of the lanyards and the crimping tool/machine needed to get the job done!


What is a Lanyard?

Lanyards are lengths of cord or flat material that are meant to go around your neck and give you the ability to display and access your badge without taking it off or having to remove it from your pocket.  Your badge is able to attach to the lanyard using a metal fastener on the end of the lanyard.  There are many types of fastener attachments available including keyrings, swivel hooks, and retractable badge reels, all designed to make your badge accessible without having to remove it from your neck.  

Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity?

Most of our lanyards and other badge accessories do come pre-packaged.  So while there isn’t a minimum on the number of packages you must purchase, we’re unable to break package quantities to accommodate smaller quantities.

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