Give your financial organization a new polished, professional look with these products.
With these promotional products for the financial industry, your organization can give clients a professional, trustworthy first impression.

Branded promotional products are a great way to market any business in a subtle yet effective manner. Companies operating in the financial industry are no exception.

Promotional products for financial industry companies can help your organization make connections with other companies, attract new clients, and generally improve your brand’s status within the greater scope of finance.

Additionally, promotional products for financial industry businesses can do more than just improve your standing with other brands and potential customers. They can bring an increased sense of professional identity and cohesion to your employees and current clients.

Let’s explore some of LoneStar Badge & Sign’s most popular promotional products for the financial industry and why they’re so effective for your brand’s image:

  1. Name tags and badges
  2. Lanyards
  3. Name plates
  4. Business cards

Ready to learn more about these customizable, effective promotional products?

Name tags and badges

Whether your employees are interfacing directly with clients, leading workshops with other professionals, or simply completing tasks alongside their coworkers, having their name and position prominently featured on a name tag or name badge is extremely important for promoting personal connections as well as your brand.

With high-quality name tags or name badges, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your employees’ names and information are legible and accessible in situations where it matters most.

We offer a wide variety of materials, including metal, plastic, and even engraved leather, as well as a multitude of design options to ensure that your name tags reflect your brand’s identity and image.


Many companies focus all their attention on name badges and forget about the importance and prominence of the lanyards they hang on. Not every name badge hangs on a lanyard, but if yours do, don’t underestimate the marketing power of this branded product.

With the help of bright, eye-catching colors and a clearly printed font, anyone that views a lanyard worn by your employee or event guest could be reading your company name and slogan without even having to look at a badge.

Name plates

Name plates are also critical promotional products for financial industry businesses. Though these items fulfill a similar purpose to name tags or badges, they’re often featured in a more stable setting (such as a desk) where viewers have more time to take in the design features.

Nameplates give financial employees a fantastic opportunity to make sure their name is visible to clients and fellow employees while expressing individuality and brand personality all at once.

With high levels of customization in size, material, and style available, you’ll be able to design a name plate that reflects both the employees’ role and your overall professional image. What’s more, you’ll enjoy how positively a well-designed name plate will reflect on your company.

Business Cards

It’s hard to understate the importance of business cards in any industry, let alone the financial industry. In finance, a sense of trust and closeness between employee and client is everything. In other words, these little pieces of paper are essential promotional products for financial industry businesses.

Your business card is crucial to leaving the right impression with potential clients and business partners. A well-constructed card is vital to success in this area. We offer personalized business cards with your choice of finish, color, background, and more, so you can impress new contacts with your very first meeting.

If your financial organization needs a branding overhaul, check out our selection of professional, customizable promotional products!