Make sure your signs stand out with these best practices.


These tips to design and order outdoor signage include making them legible and attention-grabbing.

Outdoor signage is a great investment for any business or organization. From corporate and industrial to real estate and hospitality, outdoor signs create awareness, guide visitors, and build a recognizable brand in any industry.


With today’s technology, you can completely customize your outdoor sign. You can even print an outdoor sign with a full-scale photo.


If you’re in the market for permanent or temporary signage for your business, here are some tips to design and order outdoor signage:

  1. Make them legible from far away
  2. Don’t use too much text
  3. Place them in an effective location
  4. Use your brand’s colors
  5. Make your signs memorable


Following these simple steps will ensure that you get the most out of your investment — let’s get started!


Make them legible from far away


When it comes to outdoor signage, remember that not everyone will be close to the sign when they read it!


Some people may be walking by quickly, driving past in a car, or even seeing it from down the road. Using well-spaced, large letters is the best way to make your sign clear to anyone who reads it.


Don’t use too much text


Signs are generally not meant to convey a significant amount of information at once. They should communicate short, concise messages such as brief directions, an event announcement, or the name of a building.


Designing a sign with a lot of text makes it hard to read. Passersby won’t have time to read everything or will be distracted and look away. Keeping your message simple is the best way to ensure that people read and gain value from your sign!


Place them in an effective location


Equally as important as an outdoor sign’s content is its location. Signs should be placed in prominent locations that are obvious and natural to those viewing them.


If a sign is too high, too low, or hidden, people may not even see it. As you’re deciding where to put your sign, make sure to walk or drive the route yourself to determine the most strategic location.


Use your brand’s colors


When designing your outdoor signage, be sure to select colors and a design pattern that are on-brand for your company. Consumers look for consistency, so they will trust a sign that is cohesive with the rest of your branding and looks professional.


It’s easier than ever to design outdoor signage that matches your existing brand using tools like our online design studio or having our pro team of designers create them for you!


Make your signs memorable


Consumers pass countless signs a day, and most they only consider for a moment before forgetting. If you make your signs memorable, either through design or attention-grabbing text, consumers are more likely to remember it — and your business.


Designing effective outdoor signs


Outdoor signs may seem like a simple addition to your business or organization, but the design and placement can make or break the signs’ effectiveness. By following these tips to design and order outdoor signage, you’ll ensure that your investment adds value to your building and helps engage with current and prospective customers.


To get started on your own outdoor signage, check out the selection of outdoor signs in our online store, or contact us with design questions!