Prepare for event season with these helpful ordering tips.


We suggest ordering your custom name tags as soon as possible to ensure they arrive on time for your conference or trade show.With trade shows and conferences coming back in full swing, it is essential to make sure you are prepared for the crowds with the right tools. Custom name tags help set your attendees apart, introduce them to one another, and facilitate networking.


Understanding how to order these essential trade show tools can ensure you have everything you need for your event to go off without a hitch, when and where you need it.


A few of the top tips to ensure that you are prepared for your next event with custom name tags include:

  1. Order well in advance
  2. Add useful features
  3. Create a fun design that people will want to wear
  4. Remember accessories


Let’s take a closer look at each of these to-do list items to see how they can help you get the custom name tags that will pull your whole trade show or conference event together.


Order well in advance

Is there anything worse than coming down to the wire and wondering whether your products are going to arrive on time? Skip the last-minute worrying and plan as far in advance as you can!


While LoneStar Badge & Sign can make rush orders happen when necessary, it is always best to order well in advance to put your mind at ease in the days leading up to your event.


Add useful features

Do you want to make things simpler for your attendees? Consider including useful features such as QR codes to your custom name tags. The codes could be scanned to take attendees to a digital copy of their itinerary, track continuing education credits, provide more background information on the event, or give amazing recommendations for things they can do locally during their off time.


Create a fun design people will want to wear

If you create a boring name badge, your attendees are likely to ditch it in their hotel rooms or stuff it in their pockets, never to be seen again. Instead, you should focus on creating custom name tags that are fun for people to wear. Include personalized elements that clue others in to who they are, such as fun facts about their position, where they are from, or their interests.


Remember accessories

Don’t forget to place a complete order for your custom name tags! You will need more than just the badges themselves. Make sure you order everything you need for your attendees to wear their name tags and badges comfortably. Items that are often forgotten during the ordering process include:


Think about everything you will need to make your event a success and place the order for those items all at once.


Don’t let event season catch you unaware! Start planning now for your upcoming trade show or conference so you can rest easy knowing the last-minute details are already taken care of.


When you want your custom name tags done right, you need to work with an expert team that has the experience to bring your vision to life. LoneStar Badge & Sign has the experience you need to make sure you are getting everything you need for your event. Visit our online store to shop our selection of custom name tags for your event!