Our name badge and sign store has the personalized solutions your business needs
Our name badge and sign store can create a custom e-commerce portal just for your business.

Ordering products online has become the norm for many people, and we understand why. You can shop from the comfort of your home or workplace whenever you want and have the items arrive at your door in record time.

Unfortunately, online ordering portals can vary significantly from one website to the next, which can cause confusion or frustration for users. Fortunately, our name badge and sign store prioritizes every customer’s needs and can design an e-commerce portal that streamlines services and makes navigating your orders a breeze!

Here are four reasons to try our custom e-commerce portal service for your next order of personalized business items:

  1. Replicating previous ordering portals
  2. Customized ordering options
  3. Individual purchases
  4. Stellar customer support

Keep reading to learn more about these reasons to try our custom e-commerce portal system!

Replicating previous ordering portals

LoneStar realizes we may not be the first vendor you’ve worked with for your custom badge and sign needs. Our e-commerce portal can look and feel identical to the one you used previously to make the transition as effortless as possible for you and your team! That means not only will employees barely notice that it’s changed, but you can ensure it includes everything you need it to from the beginning.

Customized ordering options

Another beneficial aspect of our online name badge and sign store is its ability to adapt to a company’s ordering needs. For instance, the portal can show different products or options based on where an employee logs in from or based on the employee’s title or responsibilities. This feature is vital for large corporations with locations throughout the country that still need to provide name badges or other supplies while maintaining consistency in design and availability.

Individual purchases

If you think our corporate ordering portals are only designed to handle huge orders, think again! We know many organizations, large and small, want to allow individuals to place their own orders. That way, you don’t need to waste valuable time putting in orders or waiting to hit a certain number of products before placing an order.

Our custom corporate portals enable individuals to select their items, bill them to their organization, and have them shipped to their home or work address. This streamlined process benefits everyone involved and makes reordering fast and straightforward!

Stellar customer support

To top everything off, LoneStar Badge & Sign ensures all of our corporate customers receive the best support possible. Our team will work closely with you to build a solution that solves any challenges or headaches you’re facing. Even if we can’t find a way to make things happen on our own, we’ll connect with one of our partners in the industry who can. Our goal is to ensure you get the customized supplies you need in a timely fashion!

Whether you’re a small business with a simple, one-time order, or a large company with continual complex demands, we’ll support you and communicate every step of the way to guarantee positive results.

All it takes to get started is one call to the LoneStar team, and we’ll have your customized portal up and running in no time! Contact us today to learn more and get started.