Spruce up the reception area of your business with these products.


Our recommended personalized branding products for reception areas include signs and custom name plates.

The reception area of your business is the first thing your clients notice when they walk through the doors. Investing the time and money to spruce up this crucial area is essential to making that great first impression. Using personalized branding products is one of the easiest ways to do that!


Some of the items you might want to consider adding to your reception area include:

  1. Custom name plates
  2. Indoor signs
  3. Custom name badges and lanyards for the receptionist
  4. Visitor badges


Keep reading to learn more about these ideas for personalized branding products to enhance your employees’ and customers’ experiences.


Custom name plates

The receptionist is a vital team member who greets each customer who walks into your business. This employee is just as important as the executive who has the corner office, so it makes sense that you would want clients to know who they are working with. A custom name plate is one way to make your receptionist’s area their own and introduce them to everyone who walks in!


Not to mention, a name plate makes it that much easier for your customers to compliment the top-notch service they received from your receptionist.


Indoor signs

Help customers know that they are in the right place with personalized branding products such as indoor signs. LoneStar Badge & Sign offers metal signs that can advertise any aspect of your business, including:

  • Your logo
  • Your company’s mission
  • Suite number or address
  • Contact information
  • A map of your office space
  • Directions to rooms or offices visitors might need to know


These metal signs will make your reception area feel sleek and polished. High-quality printing on a reflective metal surface will set your business apart from competitors.


Custom name badges and lanyards for the receptionist

In addition to custom name plates, choosing custom name badges and a comfortable lanyard for the receptionist is another great option. These bring many of the same perks as our other personalized branding products, letting your customers know who they are working with and who is taking care of their needs.


Visitor ID badges

Make your guests feel welcome at your business with visitor badges! These badges help you take care of two things at once: you can identify guests quickly for security purposes, and they feel more welcome and connected to your organization. Many businesses overlook this type of investment, but it can be a great way to keep everyone on the same page.


You can opt for reusable badges or expiring badges if security and the length of time visitors are in your building will be an issue.

For managers who want to spruce up their reception spaces, LoneStar Badge & Sign can help. Visit our online shop to see our full selection of personalized branding products for your reception area, or contact us today for a quote on a custom item that will make your business stand out!