Gear up for the New Year with these must-haves.
Our top personalized branding products include name badges, name plates, and company lanyards.

New year, new looks, new you (well, the same you, but better)! You want to make sure your brand is constantly evolving and adapting to recent changes in the industry, and more precisely, in your customer base.

With networking and corporate events slowly making their comeback after these past couple of years of COVID, you’ll especially want to be prepared for your team to show up fully equipped.

Lonestar Badge & Sign is here for you for all of your branding product customization needs, including:

  1. Personalized name tags and badges
  2. Badge holders
  3. Name plates
  4. Business cards
  5. Lanyards

Let’s dive into some of the personalized branding products we offer at Lonestar, so you know your options!

Personalized name tags and badges

If you’re looking to give your name tags a makeover, you may want to consider our engraved name badges or metal full-color name badges. You can personalize them with your logo, slogan, and more fun details, along with each employee’s name!

Badge holders

Whether your team uses badges occasionally for conventions or trade shows or every day while on the job, you’ll want to give them a stylish and functional way to carry them. Choose from our wide range of styles and sizes of badge holders for your company including, vinyl, plastic, color, or custom options.


You’ve got your badge holders, now you need a way to carry them around! Create brand awareness and recognition with personalized lanyards printed with your company’s logo and artwork.

Custom lanyards can really showcase your brand’s color palette and give employees a stylish way to carry their badges. It also gives your whole outfit an organized, unified appearance.

Name plates

Who doesn’t want a professional-looking name plate for their desk? Our metal and acrylic name plates can be engraved or printed in full color to fit your branding style and color palette. These helpful, personalized branding products can save time when customers or fellow employees search for you in the building.

If you’re planning on expanding your business and hiring more people in 2022, make sure to get name plates for all of your employees with their names engraved! Personalized branding products like these boost morale, professionalism, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Business cards

Business cards are one of the most important branding tools you should consider updating regularly. Their purpose is to create awareness around your brand, who you are, and what you do, and trigger people’s interest in learning more about your products and services.

Consider switching them up to incorporate any new branding (or just try a new look for the 2022!) and update your business information when needed.

Why Choose Lonestar Badge & Sign for Your 2022 Branding Products?

Lonestar Badge & Sign has helped businesses across the country with their identification and personalized branding products needs for over 40 years. We have our own manufacturing facility in Martindale, Texas, which allows us to provide a fast turnaround for all of our incoming orders.

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service with no setup fees and no minimum order. We’ve also partnered with top manufacturers across the globe to provide our clients with a broad range of custom printed branding and identification products that we might not manufacture ourselves.

If you require new branding products for 2022, give our helpful team a call or contact us online! We have everything you need to create a stylish, unified look for your brand.