Give your branding products a refresh and start the new year off right
Consider updating your branding products for the new year if you haven’t in a while.

Signing up for the gym, eating healthy, and checking in with family more often are solid personal New Year’s resolutions — but what about resolutions that can help your branding and your business?

When was the last time you updated your logo? Website? Name tags? Branding products are meant to reflect your brand identity. As time goes by, trends evolve, and so does your target audience.

So, if you want to keep up with the competition, you may want to resolve to undergo a complete branding makeover for 2022, including:

  1. Updating your logo
  2. Redesigning your website
  3. Refreshing your business cards
  4. Investing in engraved name plates and tags
  5. Understanding your target audience
  6. Being wary of drastic changes

Let’s talk about some of the changes you can make to your branding products for 2022.

Updating your logo

Changing your logo is a great way to show that you are aware of the world constantly evolving around you, along with the products and services you offer. You are speaking to your audience of today. Your audience of previous years before has grown, and so have you!

Getting a fresh new logo and branded products to match shows that your organization is keeping tabs on changing trends and putting in the effort to remain current. Plus, a new look can help win over new customers!

Redesigning your website

If you’re changing your logo, you will have to replace the old one on your website. So you might as well revamp your website, too! After all, your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s one of the first things people see when digging for more information on your company.

If your webpage is old and outdated, it may come across as not caring about how you present yourself to your consumers. That gives off the wrong impression to potential buyers.

A modern, well-designed website can help impress new customers and give current ones a positive user experience. It’s a win-win!

Refresh your business cards

Business cards are a vital branding tool for your business. They are good for three things:

  • Grabbing the attention of your audience
  • Quickly sharing who you are and what you do
  • Attracting prospects to your business

Due to COVID-19, there’s a good chance you haven’t had many opportunities to get out and exchange business cards with new contacts. If your cards are outdated with old information that no longer applies, it’s very unlikely they’ll accomplish the three goals listed above. So think about switching them up and implementing that new logo while you’re at it!

Investing in engraved name plates and tags

Name plates and tags may not be the first thing you think of when considering your business branding strategy. But they should be! If you’re revamping your branding products, you definitely want to include those, as well.

Having original, modern name plates and tags goes a long way to highlight your brand in the eyes of your customers and create a cohesive look for your business. Plus, they’re extremely useful if you have new hires or clients coming into the office who may not know who everyone is yet.

Understanding your target audience

While a brand refresh is vital for companies to do every once in a while, don’t launch into one without doing your homework first! You want to do a little bit of research on how both you and your audience have evolved and what they’re expecting from your brand. If you’ve made any significant business changes recently (new slogan, services added, or a location change), make sure they’re reflected in your branding!

You may also want to conduct a survey to see what customers think about your brand and incorporate their thoughts into your new branding.

Be wary of drastic changes

When revamping your branding products, be careful not to go overboard. You don’t want to drift too far away from your company’s identity to the point where your consumers no longer recognize you!

For example, in 2009, McDonald’s decided to revamp their logo to fit the eco-friendlier preferences of its European consumers. All they did was switch their traditional red backdrop to green, and that change was just enough to have a significant impact on their brand image. If your surveyed customers first, their feedback is a great way to keep in mind what your audience is expecting from your brand, and what might throw them off.

If you’re planning on revamping your branding in 2022, you’ll need new customized products like business cards, engraved name plates and tags, and signs to match! The LoneStar Badge & Sign team is ready to help with whatever branding products your organization will need in the new year. Shop online or contact us today!