Give your school a polished look and help people find their way with these signs.


We can customize your interior school signs with your mascot, school colors, and more.Depending on how your school or academic building was designed, hallways can sometimes end up feeling like a maze for people who aren’t familiar with them! That’s why it’s important to give students, staff, and visitors alike a helpful way to navigate your campus.


Interior school signs can offer assistance and direction to help make this navigation smooth and stress-free. Investing your school budget into essential signage is a wise move that will make it easier for everyone to find the place they need to go, update your school’s décor and branding, and give your building a more polished look overall.


Some interior school signs we suggest you install in your building include:

  1. Entrance signs
  2. Room numbers or names
  3. Directional signs
  4. Room-specific signs


Keep reading to learn more about how you can customize each of these interior school signs to give your students, staff, and guests an easier time navigating your campus.


Entrance signs

Chances are that your school building has more than one door that leads to the inside of the building. Entrance signs placed inside the main front doors can make it easier for people to know where to go once they’re inside, especially if you need visitors to check in at your office and receive a visitor badge before moving through the building.


LoneStar Badge & Sign can customize interior school signs to help you get the perfect signage for the entrance to your school. We can help whether you need a basic welcome sign or multiple signs pointing visitors in the direction of your office, gymnasium, auditorium, or other important locations.


Room numbers or names

Your hallways are probably full of doors that lead to different classrooms and shared spaces like the library and cafeteria. How can your students distinguish which doors will take them to their desired destination if they aren’t clearly marked?


That’s why we suggest you invest in interior school signs that indicate the room number or name of the room, making it easier for everyone to find their way around. Our team at LoneStar can customize these signs with your school colors and mascot to add an extra splash of school spirit to your halls!


Directional signs

While your school or campus may have paper maps of the building available at the front office, directional signs installed at hallway corners and intersections make it easier to find where you are headed without keeping your head down as you stare at the map.


You can order directional signs to point to:

  • Specific grade-level classrooms
  • Front office
  • Library
  • Restrooms
  • Room numbers
  • Entrances and exits


These signs can help students and staff who are new to the school find their way around, as well as help visitors find where they need to go without having to ask for directions.


Directional signs can be created from DIBOND or printed as decals if your building has a lot of windows or glass surfaces.


Room-specific signs

Last but not least, you might want to opt for room-specific signs. These can increase visibility for popular areas and help guide students and visitors as they move through the room. Room-specific interior school signs allow you to highlight different parts of common rooms, such as sections in the library or specific food lines in the cafeteria.


These signs can also help save staff time answering questions, such as where to find a book on a certain topic or where to line up for that day’s lunch special.


Whether your educational organization needs entrance signs, room numbers, or some other type of sign entirely, the LoneStar team can help you create the signage you need to help new students, staff, and guests find their way around.


Shop our selection of interior school signs in our online store, and contact our team with any questions!