Every business is unique, and so are our name tag materials!


There are many details to consider when you run a business and manage employees, and one of these details is the type of material you choose for your employee name tags

Name tags are an essential part of many different work environments, especially those that interface directly with customers. They allow your employees to provide a higher level of customer service, they make it easy for customers to give accurate feedback on their experience with your staff, and they help your employees feel like part of a true team.

Additionally, choosing the right name badges can even help to solidify your brand image. Not only can you include your company’s name and logo right on the badges to increase brand awareness, but every design detail, right down to the fonts and materials used, can also contribute to overall brand identity within the workplace. 


Consider your work environment

As you’re choosing which material to use for your employee name tags, the first consideration should be what the environment is like at your workplace. 

For example, some workplaces, such as healthcare offices or food service facilities, have a greater risk of contamination, which means your name badge should be just as easy to clean as any of your other equipment. 

If you don’t work in an environment that requires constant sanitation, it’s easier to take aesthetics and brand preferences into account, which offers a wide array of options. 

Some of the materials that you can use for your custom name badges when you work with LoneStar to create custom products for your business include: 


Metal name badges 

Not only do our metal name badges provide a very distinct, unique aesthetic, but they’re also incredibly durable and can last for years with minimal wear and tear. Metal employee name tags are extremely customizable and can be easily designed using our online templates. 


Plastic name badges 

If you’re looking to buy name tags in bulk, or if budget-friendly is at the top of your priority list, our plastic name badges might be the most optimal choice for your company. Plastic employee name tags are both cost-effective and extremely customizable, from size to color to font to background image and everything in between. 


Reverse-printed clear badges 

Our reverse printed clear name tags are made from durable acrylic and fit into a variety of workplace settings. The printing process for this material gives these badges a sleek look, and you can choose from a variety of sizes, corner types, and fastener types to fit your ideal look.


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