Give your team unique custom name badges with these tips.

If you want to impress customers, help employees stand out, and create a cohesive brand for your company, professional-looking name badges are the way to go. But designing the perfect name badge for your company that will reflect your brand in the best way possible is easier said than done.

You’ll want to identify the type that fits your brand identity best, from the color palette to your logo’s positioning, and pick the right accessories. Creating a professional, distinctive design means your employees can walk around proud to be part of your organization and create awareness around your brand!

In this blog we’ll share our tips on designing the best custom name badges for your business, including:

  1. Choosing the right shape and size
  2. Choosing the right material
  3. Deciding on the orientation
  4. Staying consistent with your brand identity

Keep reading to learn more about these tips for designing the perfect custom name badge for your staff members and brand.

Choosing the right shape and size

Name tags are usually rectangular with rounded or square corners, but ovals are also an option. Depending on the information you plan on displaying on your badges, you may need to pick a bigger size than you think so you can fit everything on and keep it easy to read. Just be sure not to pick a size that’s too large for your team to wear comfortably!

Choosing the right material

Another step in how to design the perfect name badge is picking your material, and there are several different materials to choose from for your name badges.

You can choose from plastic to metal and leather, depending on your company’s brand and how much wear and tear you expect the badges to undergo. Work in finance? Leather will give off a high-end, polished look. If you run a food service company, plastic or metal may be a more durable (and cleanable) bet.

Deciding on the orientation

Badges can be either horizontal or vertical. If you plan on having a lot of content on your name badges, such as photos and logos in addition to your employees’ names, a vertical badge will give you more room to work with.

Stay consistent with your brand identity

You really want your name badges to reflect your brand identity properly and create awareness at corporate and networking events. Choose a color palette, fonts, and graphics that will be in complete harmony with your branding.


Although you should pick a font type typically associated with your overall branding, you must be cautious with the font size. It’s recommended to use larger fonts along with bold formatting to make the letters stand out and easy to read.

Color palette

Pick badge colors that fit your overall branding color palette and allow for high contrast between the letters and the background. Otherwise, it will be tough to read the names and branding content displayed on the badge.


You’ll absolutely want to include your logo on your badges if you have the space, and ensure it’s against a background color that helps it pop.

Don’t forget about accessories

Want one last tip on how to design the perfect name badge? Feel free to complement your name badges with branded accessories such as lanyards and reels, with several different colors to choose from and branding designs to include.

They are a great addition to making your team stand out at events and inside your stores!

If you aren’t sure where to start with how to design the perfect name badge for your company, we can help! The LoneStar team can help guide you through the design process or handle it entirely for you. Check out our selection of custom name badge options, and contact us today to get started!