Yard sign marketing plays a significant role in brand recognition for large and small businesses, and custom signs and graphics are now more accessible than ever with online ordering options. As one of the most cost-effective, practical marketing campaign methods used today, displaying custom yard signs can significantly increase brand awareness among target audiences. From simple, text-based signage to elaborate printed graphics, business owners can choose from many lucrative signage options.

Yard Signs and Graphics

Yard signs, vinyl graphics, metal prints, and similar materials belong to a marketing category referred to as print advertising. Yard signs, also known as lawn signs, are generally 18” x 24” in size but can be customized according to design specifications. Restaurants, voting stations, real estate agencies, retailers, and businesses looking to hire new employees frequently use yard signs.

Vinyl graphics include stickers, magnetic signs, cling-on decals, and non-adhesive signs that you can place almost anywhere. An excellent branding technique, vinyl graphics are some of the most popular advertising instruments to improve customer retention rates. Many savvy business owners keep them on hand to include in gift baskets, free sample bags, or even as an alternative to business cards.

Metal-based printed signs are helpful for indoor and outdoor applications, and they can be cut into a myriad of shapes and sizes. These signs are designed to act as more of a permanent fixture than yard signs or vinyl graphics, but you can replace them as often as needed.

Other types of signage, such as feather banners and door hangers, can also suit a business or individual advertising campaign implementing print-based marketing materials. With a varied range of options, there are many benefits of using custom yard signs, graphics, and other print-based promotional signage.

The Benefits of Using Custom Yard Signs and Graphics

As the title suggests, custom signs and graphics are cost-effective and versatile marketing solutions that add exponential value and brand recognition to any business while keeping costs low. However, these smaller-scale print advertising options are also exceedingly advantageous in other ways. Many business owners and commercial operators rely on marketing materials most likely to attract and retain customers, and yard sign marketing is effective for any size organization. Those mainly that serve or operate among urban and suburban populations or any location with high foot or street traffic will likely see the highest return on investment when it comes to print-based advertising.


Many consider custom yard signs and other graphics to be some of the most affordable advertising methods, mainly because they are highly effective. With low initial costs and virtually nonexistent upkeep requirements, commercial signage can serve as the best campaign implementation without a high expense.


Printed signs are highly efficient in both production and distribution. Once you finalize a design and select the materials, high-quality signage can be ready for display within a concise amount of time. Bulk orders are incredibly efficient, as production costs remain low while more marketing materials are readily available. Therefore, in many cases, when a campaign calls for efficient distribution of promotional materials, custom graphics and other print-based media is the best option.


As the descriptor suggests, custom-printed signage gives business owners and marketing teams complete control over the visual representation of their advertising materials. Print-based marketing solutions can prove even more versatile than digital advertising, with more design choices than ever before and a much more comprehensive range of available construction materials. By representing a brand or industry in the physical world with the power of digitally-created designs, a business can achieve much more visibility than with less versatile alternatives.

Highly Visible

Both simple and elaborate messaging circulating throughout communal areas highly trafficked by target audiences are highly effective marketing campaigns. Most yard sign marketing is visible from a relatively far distance with a design for convenient placement within the eye-line of any passersby. Depending on design choices, color schemes, and other factors, yard signs and similar promotional products are unmissable by most of the target audience.

Types of Custom Yard Signs and Graphics

In addition to the benefits listed above, the options for custom signs and graphics vary significantly. At the same time, some business owners prefer to work exclusively with yard sign marketing; many forms of print-based advertising work better for some industries than others.

For instance, proprietors that sell food and other tangible goods benefit most from posting feather banners or free-standing signs in front of their business for customers to see from a distance. At the same time, some service providers might be best served by distributing door hangers to local residents. In any case, custom yard signs and similar commercial messages afford business owners a wide variety of options for marketing solutions.

Feather Banners

Feather banners can be anywhere from six to 20 feet high and are generally made from polyester and fiberglass with ultraviolet-resistant ink to remain outdoors without deteriorating or fading. These are a popular choice for many car dealerships, restaurants, retailers, and other establishments needing highly visible printed advertisements that anyone can see from the street. 

Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl graphics are versatile and can be designed for virtually any purpose. Companies can use magnetic and adhesive vinyl, brightly colored graphics, and branded stickers to decorate a commercial space or distribute to potential and existing customers. Marketing campaigns that improve a business’s customer retention rate can benefit significantly from vinyl graphics.

Door Hangers

Door hangers have been a favored form of marketing for decades and remain popular even in the age of digital media. As the name suggests, door hangers are placed on residential front door knobs and generally include actionable marketing content, such as a coupon or invitation. Time-sensitive messages, including holiday promotions, last-chance deals, and discounts with expiration dates, are best distributed with door hangers because advertisers have direct control over viewership timing.

As an efficient and affordable marketing solution, door hangers are some of the hardest advertisements to miss. No matter how occupied or aloof, anyone entering or leaving their home will notice a door hanger on the knob. 

Yard Signs

Yard signs require minimal effort to design. A short but informative or exciting headline, direct contact information, and a company logo are all that are necessary to produce an effective yard sign. You can also add a color scheme or branded theme according to the nature of the advertisement, but the entire process is known for its efficiency.

When completing the final design, the yard sign is fabricated from economical materials, produced en-masse, and shipped directly to the receiver. You can place this signage indoors, or outside a brick-and-mortar business, or along highly trafficked routes in cities and other communities, as custom yard signs are available for commercial use by virtually every industry. 

ACM Signs

ACM signs are made to be used either indoors or outdoors but are durable enough to handle most year-round environmental conditions. Ideal for many types of seasonal marketing campaigns or fixed advertising applications, ACM signs are fabricated from aluminum composite material to achieve a durable but lightweight product.

Depending on the placement and amount of routine maintenance applied to an ACM sign, these heavy-duty marketing materials can last up to or more than ten years. Direct UV printing ensures graphics and text are vivid and long-lasting, which prevents the need for frequent touch-ups. ACM signs work well for address identification, directional signage, commercial advertising, industrial purposes, and more.

Yard Signs and Graphics are Cost-Effective

One of the most notable aspects of advertising with custom yard signs and graphics is affordability. The potential growth in business that yard sign marketing facilitates significantly outweighs the material, design, and manufacturing costs. For both general and niche markets, this cost-effective investment can increase brand awareness and customer acquisition rates at a fraction of the price of alternative advertising materials.

With affordable production fees, economical materials, and bulk ordering options, businesses that launch campaigns with custom signs and graphics can benefit substantially from this print-based advertising.

Yard Sign Marketing Production is Affordable

Both large and small businesses can afford to produce the signs and graphics that best fit their brand’s message, depending on the size of the targeted market. However, because dedicated printing providers easily mass-produce yard sign marketing materials, companies can purchase these and other print advertisements in great quantities at low cost.

Custom Signs and Graphics Fabricated with Economical Materials

When the goal is to achieve an affordable marketing product that meets or exceeds a high level of quality, producing printed signs and graphics with economical materials is the ideal process.

After decades of experimentation and innovation, printing companies have developed methods to fabricate high-quality signs that remain affordable for both the manufacturer and the customer. Economizing the production of custom signs and graphics grants better consumer access to superior products, which aids in the improvement of varied marketing strategies.

Bulk Order Options Offer Value

Ordering custom yard signs and other non-digital graphics in bulk is a fiscally prudent strategy for any marketing campaign. Most printed signs are mass-produced regardless, and bulk buying options reduce shipping costs, hassle, and service fees with each order. Irrespective of initial expenses, bulk ordering adds value over time and proves to be a highly effective method of affordable advertising distribution.

Yard Signs and Graphics are Versatile

One of the greatest advantages of yard signs and graphics is the customizability that they afford. As versatile marketing materials with options for various color schemes, branded themes, shapes, sizes, and more, business owners have complete control over how they present their brand their brand to the public.

Local businesses and national chains alike can benefit from many options regarding print-based advertising, especially those that seek to improve brand visibility among specific communities.

Double-Sided Printing

Double-sided printing extracts the most value from any form of print media by using all the available space to convey the message. With double-sided printing options, you can add much more information without bulking on excess material.

Aesthetically, flyers and signage with visible graphics from any angle can catch more attention from potential customers than single-sided products. This method allows business owners and service providers to create versatile marketing materials without high costs.

Free-Standing Signs

Free-standing signs are designed for mobility, which broadens their usage capabilities. With either an A-frame design or a sturdy base to hold them upright, free-standing signs are generally used to display temporary advertisements or updates.

Retailers, food service providers, and other proprietors use free-standing signs to advertise for limited-time sales, holiday or daily specials, new products or services, and more. The sign is highly customizable, and most models can be changed or updated.

Custom Yard Signs and Graphics: Superior Marketing Solutions

As detailed above, yard sign marketing is a cost-effective, highly customizable method of targeted advertising that can put your business on the map. For such a small investment, custom signs and graphics can facilitate the acquisition of new clients at higher rates than alternative marketing campaigns, effectively solidifying a vast improvement in brand recognition directly within targeted markets.

Print-based marketing remains a strong contender for effective brand promotion, even amid digital advertising. Proprietors and public relations teams alike need only to choose the best materials and design to fit their brand’s messaging, and the manufacturer will do the rest. With high turnaround rates and simplified ordering processes, printing professionals at Lone Star Badge regularly provide national, regional, and local companies with cost-effective and versatile marketing solutions.

For more than 40 years, Lone Star Badge has been working with many businesses that have come to expect our high-quality vinyl graphics, custom-printed signs, yard signs, and other promotional products at affordable rates.