Take your booth to the next level with these custom projects from LoneStar.

When your company represents itself at a trade show, your team likely has many goals for the event.

Not only do they want to connect with as many potential clients as possible, but they also want to put their best foot forward when interacting with other brands in similar industries and successfully portray the company’s brand image.

In need of some fresh ideas for your next trade show? We’ve compiled a list of five trade show booth ideas to help you reach your marketing goals with ease:

  1. Signage with eye-catching images and design
  2. Acrylic lettering
  3. Specialized displays to feature products
  4. Customized business cards and pamphlets
  5. Explore the creative possibilities with LoneStar

Let’s dive into each of these trade show booth ideas and discuss how they could seriously upgrade your trade show booth.

Signage with eye-catching images and design

As much as you’re looking forward to wowing potential clients with your excellent products and industry expertise, it’s essential to understand that the way your booth looks is your first impression.

The best way to attract visitors to your booth is with well-crafted signage that features eye-grabbing images and an intuitive layout that makes your brand image clear.

Acrylic lettering

Great graphic design is vital for your trade show booth, but what about those little details that truly make you stand out from the rest?

With LoneStar’s large-scale digital cutter, it’s easy to create a variety of custom products, including trade show displays that feature acrylic lettering and other unique detailing to grab attendees’ eyes and draw them over to your booth.

Specialized displays to feature products

As you’re gearing up for a trade show, it’s vital to keep your brand’s primary marketing goal at the forefront – to connect with the right audience and you’re your products.

While your trade show booth should be all-encompassing when it comes to what defines your company and what your mission is, you should also feature independent displays that are geared toward a specific product or service. LoneStar makes it simple to design custom displays in a huge array of materials, including aluminum, foam, cardboard, felt, leather, plastic, and more.

This way, you can draw some focused attention to a specific product your company is pushing while still providing plenty of information about your company itself and your other products.

Customized business cards and pamphlets

Drawing visitors to your booth with great graphic design, a unique display, and individualized product presentations is only the first step. Once you’ve had a friendly discussion with your potential client or connection, make sure to leave them with something to make it easy to contact you in the future.

Our team can make your trade show booth ideas a reality with our selection of business cards and other custom products.

With LoneStar’s user-friendly online design studio, you can craft the perfect customized materials, such as business cards and pamphlets, to hand out at the trade show.

Additionally, our corporate ordering services make it easy for large businesses to order all of the customized items they need in large batches, so you won’t have to worry about running out of the branded materials you need.

Explore the creative possibilities with LoneStar

If you’re still unsure what types of customized items you need to make your trade show booth pop, LoneStar offers many possibilities and expert advice to make your trade show booth ideas come to life. Explore our many products and find out what’s best for you!

It’s never too early to design your company’s next trade show booth materials. Visit our custom products page to get started today or request a sample!