Sometimes it’s the simplest items that create the greatest effects. No matter how advanced we get as a society, name badges are still among the most useful items for business.

The business for ID badge printers is on track to surpass $7 billion by 2033. This is a clear indicator that these badges still have a place in this high-tech world, and that there are several benefits you can appreciate when you decide to get some made.

These tips will help you get to know custom badge ribbons so that you can use them in whatever way you need.

Badges Are Excellent for Corporate Events

If you’re putting together a corporate event or trade show of any kind, you can’t go wrong with these badges. These events are excellent opportunities to drum up new business, explore the trends in your current industry, and appreciate continuing education opportunities.

Both event attendees and coordinators should wear these badges so that everyone can orient themselves and understand who they’re talking to. This streamlines the event and will help you get the most from it.

They Are Completely Customizable

Another great advantage of these badges is that they are customizable from start to finish. You can work with a company like Lonestar Badge on whatever kind of badge options you need. There are a variety of different badge types that you can explore, including:

  • Metal name plates
  • Reusable badges for employees
  • Badges slipped into plastic sleeves and worn on lanyards

When you create one of these badges you’ll be able to customize the name, font, graphics, photo, the size of the tag, and other aspects. Being able to customize these badges lets you go with whatever style fits your company’s brand and the theme of your event. There are several color options that you can kick around, and a variety of materials that you can look into for the badge itself.

You can add custom badge and name tag ribbons to any order so that people can grab them and go at your event as soon as they hit the registration table on the first day.

It’s a Great Icebreaker

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, the goal is to always bring people together so that they can communicate, exchange information, and find common ground. Something about name tags opens people up to talk to each other and offers the perfect icebreaker.

Icebreakers help to create a more relaxed environment as a whole. When people feel encouraged to talk to each other and have a conversation starter, it gets rid of the awkwardness that keeps people in their shells. In addition to displaying people’s names and titles, you can also color code custom badge ribbons to split people in different groups. This offers yet another conversation starter that people can take advantage of.

Name Badges Help People Network

Not only will people be more likely to hold conversations when they’re wearing name badges, but it also inspires people to network. When the ice is broken, people can get more intentional about their conversation and start fostering relationships that will help their business life.

Knowing how to network is half the battle when it comes to thriving in any industry. The easier it is for people to network, the better time they will have generating fresh leads and developing an impressive contact list of people that they can call upon whenever they need anything.

Learning how to network is essential for anyone trying to build their dream career. Make sure that you use high-quality custom name tag ribbons that will stay durable for the entire event weekend so that everyone has no problem wearing their name badges for hours at a time. You can check out different ribbons for badges that will showcase your badge so that they’re easy to see, and so that the name is prominently displayed.

They Are Excellent for a Variety of Events

Keep in mind that personalized name tags are excellent in non-professional settings as well. People use them for their weddings so that guests on both sides of the family are able to introduce themselves and build a rapport. You can also use custom name tags for school events, church outings, travel groups, and more.

Since these badges are versatile, you’ll have no problem putting them to use and ordering exactly what you need for any situation.

You Can Get Name Tags in Different Shapes

Not only can you customize the information on the badge, but also have several options for the shape. You can work with Lonestar Badge to create badges in whatever shape you see fit. This applies whether you’re looking for event name tags or employee tags for your business.

When you create name tags of unique shapes, it’s excellent for your branding and will make your tags stand out.

They’re Useful in the Digital Landscape

You should also rely on custom name tag services because these badges fit the digital landscape as well. You can create badges that have QR codes that people can scan to go directly to their website or social media pages.

People can also share their name tags on social media so that people can put a face with a name when they arrive. The potential of these professional badges is limitless, even in a digital age.

Invest in Custom Badge Ribbons

When you choose to invest in name tags and custom badge ribbons, you’ll appreciate the advantages above. Next, it’s important that you find the help of a company that specializes in them.

LoneStar Badge and Sign can assist you when you need the best name tags in the industry. Send us a message using our contact form, or call us at  (512)357-2261.