More than 90% of effective cyber threats stem from some form of social engineering.

One of the most common social engineering attacks is tailgating, and one of the ways to prevent this is with unique ID cards. They enforce security and employee tracking so you can control who can and can’t walk your hallways. You can give your staff access so that they can move about freely, while unauthorized individuals won’t have access.

One potential issue is that many laminated employee badges look exactly the same as each other. This is where custom ID badges can come in handy.

In this guide, we’ll cover the benefits of using custom ID security badges for employee management. Keep reading for more.

Business Security

This is one of the most important reasons to start using employee name badges. They can act as identification for all your employees so you can ensure that no one outside of your company is on your premises.

With custom name tags, you can set restrictions based on a person’s job role. By doing this, you can ensure your staff can only access areas and systems that they have authorization for, and keep them restricted from others.

This will reduce the risk of things like data leaks by keeping sensitive information more secure. Depending on the nature of your business, it could also protect your staff by restricting access to areas that could be hazardous.

When employees leave your company, you want to make sure their authorization is also removed from their old custom name badges. It can also be a good idea to use a shredder to destroy them.

Employee Confidence

A key part of employee management is making your workers happy and confident in their roles. Something as small as personalized name tags can help with this.

It will make it easier for your employees to learn each other’s names, helping strengthen relationships in the workplace. They’ll feel a greater sense of identity if everyone refers to them by name, and those who have worked hard for specific titles will be able to display them.

Happy employees will always be more productive. This can also lead to better employee retention, which is beneficial for any company.

Company Morale

Some companies have standardized dress codes, but most allow more freedom. While your employees will almost certainly prefer this, it doesn’t really make them look like a team.

Employee badges can help with this as you can include your logo or a color scheme to match your branding. This will make your employees feel more connected to each other and your business as a whole. When your employees feel like a team they’ll have an easier time working together and achieving their goals more effectively.

Customer Relations

Custom name tags can help improve customer confidence. When interacting with your employees, customers will be able to see their names, which will instantly help them build more of a connection.

Having photo-ID badging that includes job titles will also reassure customers that the person they’re talking to can help them with any questions they have. If a customer then starts talking to a different employee, a similar ID badge will give them a sense of familiarity, so they’ll trust this new employee much faster.

Employee Accountability

Beyond controlling access to certain areas, employee identification badges can also help you monitor where different employees are. This will help you ensure people are doing what they should be doing when they should be doing it.

Your employees will know this, so they’ll conduct themselves responsibly. This will discourage them from arriving late, leaving early, or taking extended breaks.


Employee ID badges should always be visible, so including the logo means that your employees will be presenting the branding itself all day. This is a great way to get some extra promotion for your company. You can even add variety for different things, depending on what your company does.

An event staff badge, for example, could be a great opportunity to do something additional. You might want to include more than just the name of an employee and their job title. Adding things like colors and graphics related to a specific event will help them stand out.

You can create custom event badges that your staff can use for certain occasions. Having something a bit different from the norm will help more people notice your brand.


Personalized name tags are one of many ways you can present your company with a better image. Badges that include names, employee positions, and branding will make your company look more professional.

This will result in your company being more appealing to customers and clients, helping to improve your chances of securing new leads. If this is one of your goals, considering custom metal badges could help even more than standard ones.

Getting Custom ID Security Badges for Your Company

There are various ways you can improve your company, and some things that may seem small can have quite a significant impact. Custom security badges are an excellent example of this – while they may seem insignificant, they offer a range of benefits. On top of keeping your company more secure, they’ll make your employees more confident, improve customer relations, are great for branding, and more.

LoneStar Badge and Sign has been producing custom ID badges and other items for over 40 years. We have a range of styles you can choose from that offer plenty of customization. Take a look at the different options we have available today.