BADGE Holders

Name badge holders are versatile accessories designed to hold and display ID badges and name tags securely.  Made of durable vinyl, these badge holders come in various styles that will accommodate both horizontal and vertical badges.  The convenience of using a vinyl badge holder can make accessing badges and key cards effortless for employees or students.  The clear design of the badge holders allows for easy visibility of identification information without having to remove the card from the holder.  These badge holders are ideal for corporate settings, conferences, trade shows, and events where displaying identification is necessary.  The flexibility in choosing different styles ensures that you can find the best fit for your specific needs and badge dimensions.  Name badge holders offer a professional, practical, and affordable solution for businesses who require employees, staff, or students to carry and showcase their badges.

Horizontal Vinyl Badge Holders

H107 Badge Holders

Size:  2.5″ x 3″

H108 Badge Holders

Size:  3″ x 4″

H119HD Badge Holders

Size:  3″ x 4″ (heavy duty)

H201 Badge Holders

Size:  3.125″ x 4″

H116H Badge Holders

Size:  4″ x 6″

vertical vinyl Badge Holders

H106V Badge Holders

Size:  4″ x 2.5″

H122V Badge Holders

Size:  4″ x 3″

H710V Badge Holders

Size:  5″ x 3″

H703 Badge Holders

Size:  5.3″ x 3.9″

H116V Badge Holders

Size:  5.5″ x 4.25″

H126V Badge Holders

Size:  5.75″ x 3.75″

H704 Badge Holders

Size:  6″ x 4″



H922 Paper Badge Inserts

Size:  2.5″ x 3.5 (matte)

H924 Paper Badge Inserts

Size:  2.5″ x 4″ (matte)

H900 Badge Inserts

Size:  3″ x 4″ (matte)

H4030 White Inserts

Size:  3″ x 4″ (satin)

H3050 Paper Badge Inserts

Size:  5″ x 3″ (satin)

H953 Paper Badge Inserts

Size:  5.5″ x 3.5″ (satin)

H964 Paper Badge Inserts

Size:  5.5″ x 4.25″ (matte)


Badge holders come in a variety of materials and are great for pairing with a lanyard, strap clip, or even a retractable badge reel.   They can be displayed from the neck, collar, shirt pocket, sleeve, or belt.  Employees can use badge holders around the office for their employee ID badge and attendees can use them at corporate events and trade shows to display their agenda or credentials.  Badge holders are also a great way to store business cards, for security access cards, and with student ID badges.

We offer low minimum order quantities on all of our badge holders and retractable badge reels.  Bulk pricing discounts are available for ordering larger quantities.  Most styles ship the same day you order and many styles are made in the USA.

Please note:  All badge holders are listed by their insert size (inner dimensions). Their actual outer dimensions can be found in the product description or by viewing the schematic image once you select “Buy Now”.


What is a Badge Holder?

We currently offer two types of badge holders:  vinyl badge holders and retractable badge holders.

The first one is a vinyl sleeve or pocket, usually clear or transparent, that badges can be slid into from either the top or side.  This allows the badges to be displayed front ans center at all times by wearing them around the neck using a lanyard or from your pocket or belt using a clip.  Badges can be accessed and see easily giving proper identification for the wearer at a glance.

The other badge holder style is our retracting badge reels.  These come with their own clips and can be fastened to a shirt pocket, sleeve, or belt.  They also include a vinyl strap where the badge attaches which is secured to the end of a retractable pull cord.  This makes the badges easily scannable to show a security guard or to scan for building access.

Both of our badge holder options are meant as helpful accessories to assist the display and fuction of your employee or student’s name tags and ID badges.

Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity?

Most of our badge holders and other badge accessories do come pre-packaged.  So while there isn’t a minimum on the number of packages you must purchase, we’re unable to break package quantities to accommodate smaller quantities.

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