Name badge fasteners and other badge accessories and supplies are essential tools for organizations looking to create professional employee and student badges. These products come in a variety of options, including clips, pins, lanyards, and magnetic attachments, providing versatility for different preferences. The fasteners are durable and easy to use, ensuring that badges stay securely attached throughout the day. With customizable options such as colors and logo printing, these accessories can enhance brand visibility and promote a sense of unity among employees or students. The convenience of having a reliable way to display identification badges not only streamlines access control but also fosters a sense of belonging within the organization or educational institution. Overall, name badge fasteners and accessories are practical solutions that add a polished touch to any identification system while benefiting customers with efficiency, customization options, and enhanced professionalism.

F21D Deluxe Magnets

Deluxe Magnets

F21S Super Grip Magnets

Super Grip Magnets

F15 Bulldog Clips

Metal Bulldog Clip

F19 Strap Clips

Vinyl Strap Clip

F23 Badge Pins

Standard Badge Pins

F01A Locking Pins

Locking Pins

F02 Military Pins

Military Clutch Pins

HMX106 Badge Carry Case

Badge Carrying Case


All of our name badge magnets are made using some of the strongest magnets on Earth, so you don’t have to worry about losing your badges once attached to your clothing.  They come standard with a peel-and-stick adhesive backing for easy attachment to your name tags or photo ID badges.  We have regular (Deluxe) and extra strength (Super Grip) options to choose from.  The Deluxe style works well for a variety of clothing materials and lighter weight jackets or sweaters, while we recommend using the Super Grip on heavier weight jackets and suits, along with wool and similar materials.

We have a variety of badge clips available in a few different styles.  You can choose one of our metal or plastic swivel clips, alligator clips, and bulldog clips for name badges. They’re all available with either a peel and stick adhesive back or without any adhesive (so you can use your own bonding agent or glue).  We have many sizes and styles of this type of fastener available to fit most name tags, badges, and badge holders.

We have a variety of badge straps and strap clips available in many styles, colors, and sizes.  These name badge fasteners are great for use with name badges that have a slot punched in the top and can even be used with luggage tags.  Earth friendly options are also available!



Do You Have a Minimum Order Quantity?

Most of our badge magnets, pins, and other badge accessories do come pre-packaged in bags of 100 or less.  So while there isn’t a minimum on the number of packages you must purchase, we’re unable to break package quantities to accommodate smaller quantities.

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