Marketing Update June through August 2022

June through August 2022

Marketing Scorecard

This quarterly scorecard is designed to achieve two things. First, we want to give an overview of the marketing department’s activities. Second, we want to provide you with a sneak peek of additional projects we’re working on and our timeline for implementation.

Current Initiatives

Email Marketing

Emails Sent This Month


Average Open Rate


Average Click Rate


Average Email Marketing Benchmark Data

Average Open Rate:  15.33%

Average Click Rate:  2.55

What’s Next

Test new design

1336 Contact Form landings.  Email accounted for 258 of those.

Gain Google Ranking (SEO)

Keyphrases on Page One


Checkout increased by 47.14% (5097 to 7403)

Google Organic up 9.91%

Bing Organic up 47.02%

Yahoo Organic up 23.52%

Key phrase and position (data from search console)


badge printing companies 4
badge manufacturers near me 4
name tag inc 5
badge making shop near me 5
badge company near me 6
badges made near me 6
name plate badge near me 6
name badge shop near me 6
custom name tag near me 7
customised badges near me 7
name badge and sign store 7
codm badge next to name 8
companies that make badges 8
id badges near me 8
print name badges near me 8
badge making near me 9
where can i buy name tags near me 9
id badge near me 10
where can i get a badge made 10
event badge printing near me 11
school name badge maker near me 11
texas state badge 11
where to get a badge made 11
badge store near me 12
badge shop near me 12
badge shops near me 12 13
custom name plates near me 13
engraved name tags near me 13
custom plastic badges 14
name tags san antonio 14
badge makers near me 14
interior school signs 15
sign badge 15
custom name badge ribbons 15
custom badge ribbons 15
trade show ribbons 15
horizontal name badge ribbons 16
name tag ribbons custom 16
ribbons for badges 16
custom badges near me 16
custom name tag ribbons 16
name tags for work near me 17
horizontal ribbons for name badges 17
badge ribbons custom 17
name badge ribbons custom 18
name tag store near me 18
custom ribbons for name badges 18
horizontal badge ribbons 18
custom work id badges 18
company badges online 19
id badge ribbons 20

What’s Next

Increase ranking for key phrases in red above.

Content Development

Blogs Written This Month


Social Posts This Month






What’s Next

1147 times blog posts were read

Incorporate additional CTA


We work closely with the partner team to create content that not only helps us attract new partners and foster our relationships with current partners but assist our partners in successfully marketing Pinnacle Series.

    • Checkout increased by 47.14% (5097 to 7403)
    • Comparing August 2021 to August 2022
      • Sessions up 20.52%
      • Pages per session up 84.68%

Test #2


Test #3


What’s Next

More downloadable content

Place advanced search more places.  Used 1086 times


Build a sales department

    1. Defined targets – DONE
    2. Define and CRM
    3. Create job description, compensation, set meeting goals
    4. Post position
    5. Interview
    6. Select
    7. Train
    8. Manage


We would move testimonial vidoes


Develop three(3) case studies


Create one downloadable paper