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Please select your lanyard material color. This will be the background color of your lanyards on both the front and back sides. Colors shown here are a close representation. The color number shown next to the color name is the Pantone color number for your reference. Custom Pantone color matching is not available with this lanyard style.

Burgundy (PMS 202C)Cool Gray (PMS 8C)Electric Blue (PMS 3005C)Grass Green (PMS 348C)Hunter Green (PMS 553C)Magenta (Rhodamine Red C)Navy Blue (PMS 289C)Orange (PMS 1665C)Purple (PMS 267C)Red (PMS 186C)Royal Blue (PMS 286C)Turquoise (PMS 3115C)WhiteYellow (PMS 107C)
Burgundy (PMS 202C)
Cool Gray (PMS 8C)
Electric Blue (PMS 3005C)
Grass Green (PMS 348C)
Hunter Green (PMS 553C)
Magenta (Rhodamine Red C)
Navy Blue (PMS 289C)
Orange (PMS 1665C)
Purple (PMS 267C)
Red (PMS 186C)
Royal Blue (PMS 286C)
Turquoise (PMS 3115C)
Yellow (PMS 107C)

Please select your printing color(s) for the front side of your lanyards.  The numbers shown after the color name are the Pantone (PMS) colors for reference.  Colors shown here are an approximate representation and actual colors may vary slightly.  A $45.00 set up fee will apply for each printing color.  After the initial printing color, there will also be an additional $0.40 fee per lanyard per each additional color selected.

Athletic Gold (PMS 7548C)BlackBlazer Gold (PMS 7403C)Blue Gray (PMS 537C)Bright Blue (PMS 2925C)Bright Green (PMS 348C)Bright Red (PMS 186C)Cardinal Red (PMS 202C)Chrome Green (PMS 567C)Chrome Yellow (PMS 123C)Collegiate Blue (PMS 7689C)Columbia Blue (PMS 646C)Cool Gray (PMS 7C)Dark Brown (PMS 4975C)Dark Navy (PMS 289C)Deep Purple (PMS 7672C)Flag Red (PMS 032C)Golden Yellow (PMS 1235C)Gray (PMS 429C)Kelly Green (PMS 342C)Khaki (PMS 468C)Lemon Yellow (PMS 109C)Light Cardinal Red (PMS 7427C)Light Navy (PMS 648C)Lime Green (PMS 355C)Magenta (PMS 2612C)Maroon (PMS 7428C)Michigan Yellow (PMS 127C)Mono Blue (PMS 300C)Orange (PMS 1655C)Peach (PMS 7506C)Peacock Blue (PMS 638C)Pink (PMS 212C)Primrose Yellow (PMS 107C)Process Blue CProcess Cyan CRebel Gold (PMS 7751C)Rose Magenta (PMS 255C)Royal Blue (PMS 293C)Scarlet Red (PMS 485C)SG Aqua (PMS 322C)SG Columbia Blue (PMS 646C)Sienna Brown (PMS 469C)Tahiti Green (PMS 3415C)Texas Orange (PMS 7601C)True Red (PMS 201C)Ultramarine Blue (PMS 2745C)Vermillion Red (PMS 7626C)Violet (PMS 7680C)White
Aqua Marine (PMS 320C)
Athletic Gold (PMS 7548C)
Blazer Gold (PMS 7403C)
Blue Gray (PMS 537C)
Bright Blue (PMS 2925C)
Bright Green (PMS 348C)
Bright Red (PMS 186C)
Cardinal Red (PMS 202C)
Chrome Green (PMS 567C)
Chrome Yellow (PMS 123C)
Collegiate Blue (PMS 7689C)
Columbia Blue (PMS 646C)
Cool Gray (PMS 7C)
Dark Brown (PMS 4975C)
Dark Navy (PMS 289C)
Deep Purple (PMS 7672C)
Flag Red (PMS 032C)
Golden Yellow (PMS 1235C)
Gray (PMS 429C)
Kelly Green (PMS 342C)
Khaki (PMS 468C)
Lemon Yellow (PMS 109C)
Light Cardinal Red (PMS 7427C)
Light Navy (PMS 648C)
Lime Green (PMS 355C)
Magenta (PMS 2612C)
Maroon (PMS 7428C)
Michigan Yellow (PMS 127C)
Mono Blue (PMS 300C)
Orange (PMS 1655C)
Peach (PMS 7506C)
Peacock Blue (PMS 638C)
Pink (PMS 212C)
Primrose Yellow (PMS 107C)
Process Blue C
Process Cyan C
Rebel Gold (PMS 7751C)
Rose Magenta (PMS 255C)
Royal Blue (PMS 293C)
Scarlet Red (PMS 485C)
SG Aqua (PMS 322C)
SG Columbia Blue (PMS 646C)
Sienna Brown (PMS 469C)
Tahiti Green (PMS 3415C)
Texas Orange (PMS 7601C)
True Red (PMS 201C)
Ultramarine Blue (PMS 2745C)
Vermillion Red (PMS 7626C)
Violet (PMS 7680C)

Please select your fastener preference for your custom lanyards.

Plastic Large Swivel Bulldog (+ $0.30)Plastic Seat with Large Metal Bulldog (+ $0.50)Plastic Swivel Snap Hook (+ $0.30)Plastic Swivel Snap Hook with Metal Key Ring (+ $0.40)Plastic Ring with Metal Swivel Hook (+ $0.30)Plastic Ring with Metal Snap Hook (+ $0.50)Plastic Ring with Strap (+ $0.30)Plastic Ring with Strap Clip (+ $0.30)Plastic Seat with Metal Key Ring (+ $0.30)Plastic Accessory Loop (+ $0.30)Buckle with Plastic Ring (+ $0.15)Buckle with Plastic Swivel Bulldog (+ $0.45)Buckle with Plastic Swivel Snap Hook (+ $0.45)Buckle with Plastic Swivel Snap Hook and Metal Key Ring (+ $0.55)Buckle with Plastic Ring and Metal Swivel Hook (+ $0.45)Buckle with Plastic Ring and Metal Snap Hook (+ $0.65)Buckle with Plastic Ring and Strap Clip (+ $0.45)Buckle with Plastic Seat and Metal Key Ring (+ $0.45)Buckle with Plastic Accessory Loop (+ $0.45)

Please specify if you would like to include a brekaway.

Breakaway Quick Release (+$0.50)

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The C3400 is a heavy duty lanyard that is comfortable to wear, yet very durable.  They're perfect for busy environments that require lanyards for everyday, industrial, or vigorous use.

These lanyards are made from long-lasting, heavy duty woven, ribbed nylon.  Your company's logo or text will be screen printed on the front in your choice of one of our many bright printing colors.  There are also 11 fun colors for the lanyard material.  This lanyard is eithe 1/2" or 3/4" wide and 17" long down on each side.  The max. imprint area for the screen print on the 1/2" width is 11/32" high and 11" long and is 1/2" high and 12" long on the 3/4" width.  Customize your order further with your choice of one of our many plastic or buckle release fasteners, as well as a quick release option for easy lanyard breakaway.
The minimum order quantity for this lanyard is 100 pieces and standard turnaround time is 5 business days from proof approval.  Printing is done in a single color on the front side of the lanyards only and a $45.00 set up fee will apply.  The back side of the lanyards will be a solid color (the material color you select).

Lanyard WidthQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1/2 inch100249$ 2.70
250499$ 2.20
500999$ 2.10
10002499$ 2.00
25009999$ 1.90
3/4 inch100249$ 2.90
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