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The LBCP is an economical, full-color choice to fulfill your label badge needs. They're great for use in large companies with many different employees or departments, as well as for conferences and corporate events that may have different attendees each time. They're completely reusable! Just print and stick a new name label and the badge is ready to be used again.

The unique non-recessed label area on this badge allows you to have complete control over where you place the name label. You're also able to select the size of the name label depending on if the employee will only have a name or others that may include their name, title, and department.

The LBCP badge is available in a selection of sizes with a variety of handy fastener options. The material is a lightweight and durable PVC plastic, very similar to a credit card, but thicker and more durable at 50 mil thickness. Your artwork will be digitally printed on the front side of the badge in full-color.

SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1 x 3124$ 7.00
2549$ 5.50
5099$ 5.00
100249$ 4.50
250499$ 4.00
500999$ 3.50
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