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Please select the size of your recessed name label slot.  In some cases you can also select a position of the slot and even multiple slots. 

Please select a fastener for the backs of your badges.

Locking Pin (+$0.50)Swivel Clip (+$0.65)Deluxe Magnet Bar (+$1.50)

Please select the number of printing colors you would like.  If your badges will have a background other than white, please include that in the total number of colors.  One printing color is included in the base price and $40.00 set up fee.  Any additional colors after the first will be an additional charge per badge, along with an additional $40.00 set up fee per color. Set up fees will apply to repeat orders.

Please select up to 4 printing colors you would like to incluce in your design.  The amount of colors you select here should correspond to the number of printing colors you selected above (white can be selected, but doesn't count toward a printing color).  One printing color is included in the base cost per badge and initial $40.00 set up fee.  Any additional colors after the first (including a background color other than white) will be an additional $40.00 set up fee per color, plus an additional cost per badge.  The number referenced next to the color name refers to the Pantone number. Color swatches shown are a close representation and may vary slightly on finished product.

Beige 729CBeige 4665CBlackBlue 276CBlue 278CBlue 286CBlue 287CBlue 301CBlue 2945CBlue 2955CBrown 469CBrown 4625CBurgundy 195CBurgundy 202CBurgundy 1945CCool Gray 9CDark Green 3308CDark Rust 1815CGray 413CGray 433CGreen 348CGreen 357CLight Green 362CLight Green 376CMetallic Brushed GoldMetallic Brushed SilverMetallic Mirror CopperMetallic Mirror GoldMetallic Mirror SilverOrange 130COrange 151COrange 166COrange 172COrange 174CPink 215CPink 225CPink 500CProcess BlueProcess YellowPurple 259CPurple 265CRed 032CRed 185CRed 186CRed 199CRed 485CRubine RedTeal 321CTeal 3165CTeal 3285CVioletWarm RedWhiteYellow 109C
Beige 727C
Beige 729C
Beige 4665C
Blue 276C
Blue 278C
Blue 286C
Blue 287C
Blue 301C
Blue 2945C
Blue 2955C
Brown 469C
Brown 4625C
Burgundy 195C
Burgundy 202C
Burgundy 1945C
Cool Gray 9C
Dark Green 3308C
Dark Rust 1815C
Gray 413C
Gray 433C
Green 348C
Green 357C
Light Green 362C
Light Green 376C
Metallic Brushed Gold
Metallic Brushed Silver
Metallic Mirror Copper
Metallic Mirror Gold
Metallic Mirror Silver
Orange 130C
Orange 151C
Orange 166C
Orange 172C
Orange 174C
Pink 215C
Pink 225C
Pink 500C
Process Blue
Process Yellow
Purple 259C
Purple 265C
Red 032C
Red 185C
Red 186C
Red 199C
Red 485C
Rubine Red
Teal 321C
Teal 3165C
Teal 3285C
Warm Red
Yellow 109C

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Our hot stamped label badges are made from high quality molded ABS plastic. This durable material makes this style badge an excellent choice for all your upcoming meetings, expos, and large trade show events. They're also a convenient way to simply and efficiently change out names or titles for new hires or newly promoted employees around the corporate office.

Choose from multiple badge and window sizes and shapes, along with your fastener preference on the back.  Your artwork will be carefully hot stamped onto the white 1/8" thick molded plastic in your choice of many printing colors.  Each additional color (which includes a background color other than white) will add a price per badge, along with a $40.00 set up fee per color.

Use your label maker to print and adhere employee names to the recessed slot in each badge.  There are 3/8" and 1/2" tall slots available depending on the badge size and shape you select.

The minimum order quantity is 50 badges and the standard production time is approximately 12 business days.

Badge SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1 x 2 3/45099$ 3.02
100249$ 2.01
250499$ 1.44
500999$ 1.19
10002499$ 1.05
25009999$ 0.93
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