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How can I establish a credit account?
LoneStar Badge and Sign extends credit terms to businesses and organizations under Due Upon Receipt terms. Customers fall into one of these three categories:

Category One: Pre-Approved Customers
Customers pre-approved for credit terms are the following:

  • Government organizations (city, county/parish, state, or federal)
  • Schools (school districts, two and four-year institutions)
  • Churches
    A church is defined as an organization that meets two criteria: first, that there is a permanent meeting place owned by the church; and second, that the organization teaches the truths of the Bible.
Customers fitting this category do not need to submit a credit application - simply order online and FAX a copy of your purchase order to us at (888) 357-2686. We will accept 99% of purchase orders from customers in this category; however, we reserve the right to request further documentation depending on the size of your order. Customers in this category are also still subject to our credit review and approval processes. Category Two: Companies Listed With
If your company is listed at, simply fill out our application form. We also accept generic credit applications with the required information, faxed to
(888) 357-2686. Be sure to mark that you are listed with You may then place your online order and FAX us your purchase order, as well as the signature page from the credit application. We will ship your order once credit approval is complete (normally within 24 hours, although this process can take longer.)

Category Three: Standard Credit Approval
If your business is not listed with, then we must begin a standard credit approval process. You must have an order of $250 or more pending in order to begin this process - please note that this is only an initial order requirement. Simply fill out the credit application form, following the instructions. We also accept generic credit applications with the required information, faxed to
(888) 357-2686. FAX the signature page, along with your purchase order, to (888) 357-2686.

About the Credit Approval Process
The credit approval process can be very expensive. Because of the cost of this process, we are unable to offers terms to companies and organizations without a pending order of $250 or more. Additionally, credit approval for companies outside of the United States will take longer to process. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this policy helps keep our prices low for everyone involved.

Credit Approvals & Rejections:
If you are listed with Business Credit USA, we normally will open a line of credit with a rating 90+, a rating of 85 or less will automatically get rejected. If we use Dun & Bradstreet, we will not approve a company that has a "Yellow" or "Red" rating. We will use other information supplied on your application to support a positive rating, not to disprove a negative rating.

If these questions cannot help you, please feel free to contact us.

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